Welcome to “A day in a life of a fit mom”!  In this series I feature women who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and consistently make fitness a part of their lives despite it all.  Because “momming” is HARD.  We wear so many hats, raise little people, and put the needs of the family first. After all the chores and mommy duties are done, there is little time/energy/desire left to take care of your precious self. Fit moms featured in this series show that it can be done!  They know exercise and clean eating helps them be a better version of themselves and a positive example for their kids.  I always feel inspired learning about how other fit moms make it work .  Hope you find this helpful too!

Fit mom of the week: Beth Harmon

Let me start by saying I am thrilled to be featuring Beth Harmon for a first post in this series. She’s is a fit mom with a heart of gold, endless energy and passion for helping others. Beth has a beautiful family, raises 6 most wonderful kids, works part time and volunteers as a soccer coach. On the weekends she keeps her family active with day long hikes, 7 mile bike rides and sports. It’s absolutely amazing that with so much on her plate, this fit mom finds time for exercise almost every day. Beth is a graduate of TurboFire, Core de Force, Insanity Max30, 21 Day Fix and several other fitness programs. With consistency and dedication, she was able to lose pregnancy weight and get in an amazing shape. This girl is seriously on fire and I am inspired by her every single day. Learn how she does it all below.

A day in a life of a fit mom

Her Story

My life is not what I would consider fascinating or even exciting, but who ever thinks of their own life in that way? I am a wife, mother of 6 and determined fit mom. I haven’t always been so conscious of my health and making sure my muscles get some attention and guess what folks I am not ALWAYS on the straight and narrow. I am not perfect and will never claim to be. I have weaknesses. I have eaten an entire bag of gummy savers (my favorite) enjoying a movie night with my kiddos. Toasted more than once with my friends. I enjoy my life and food but, finding the correct balance for me is where my journey began.

About 5 years ago I hit my “rock bottom”. After having 6 kids and moving to a new state I was not happy, healthy or fitting into any of my clothes.My husband was leaving for Afghanistan and I knew it was my chance. I started eating healthier, working out regularly and the rest is history. I started seeing results and wanted to see more and more. I have fallen off the wagon and gotten back on and I don’t plan on falling again.

Her Day

A glimpse into my day as a fit momma goes a lot like this: My day begins at 5:00 am. Starting my day with a workout has been the key to my success. Getting my sweat on first thing improves my mood, my productivity and my eating choices. If I don’t get this done first thing it’s highly unlikely that it will happen. I know this about my life so I make this a priority. I time my workout to end shortly before I need to wake the kids up for school.

After making my rounds turning on lights, giving snuggles and sending most down stairs dressed for breakfast I snag a quick shower and get ready for work. Gathering my lunch and snacks that have been prepped during the weekend or the night before, tossing together my shake which I have for breakfast every single day. I check kids for their lunches and their back packs as we pile out the door to school and bus stops.

I work part time for a fantastic law firm and I really enjoy my position that allows me to get my kids to school and leave in time to pock them up when school is out. At work about 10:00 am I have a snack, lunch around noon. My afternoon snack (if I am feeling it) I share with my elementary kiddos after I’ve picked them up.

The rest of the day passes by in a blur between homework, occasional doctor’s appointments, religious education or the seldom school meetings. It’s a balance of those, making dinner, showers, possibly tossing a load of laundry in or running a vacuum if needed. Finally, I will crush into my cozy bed with a good book or a TV show. Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel are my favorite.

Her Motivation

It’s not easy. There are days when I want nothing more than that extra hour of sleep.  I want chocolate and lots of it and not to think about it going straight to my rear end, but that’s not how I’m wired. If I miss my workout I feel sluggish, tired, I eat poor and it’s even more difficult to get everything that my family needs accomplished.  I remember this when my alarm goes off.  I am happier, more productive, look better, feel better, all because of what I fuel my body with and sweating a little in the morning.  Bottom line is my kids are deserving of this better version of myself and I deserve it too!

If you are a mom with passion for fitness and healthy life style who wants to be featured in “A day in a life of a fit mom” series please email me at info@fitinprogress.com.

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