Hey friends! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low key. As you may remember, we were planning on a surprise trip with the kids… Sadly, I was still trying to kick this bug, and we had to reschedule for another weekend. I’m feeling better today, but not back to 100%yet. Staying away from the gym has been a challenge but my energy is still zapped.

I know that some people (including my husband) who prefer to “sweat it out” at the gym when they are sick. They are my heroes! For me, it just doesn’t feel right to push my body and stress it even more while it’s fighting the bug. I do miss my workouts and all the endorphins!

Since I couldn’t work out last week, I tried to rest a lot (I’m laughing as I’m writing this because let’s be honest – rest with two kids is just non existent) and caught up on This is Us. Is it just me, or the first season was more captivating? I still love the characters, but some scenes seem to be dragging out more than needed.

One of the highlights of the previous weekend was the International Gelato Festival at La Encantada Mall.

It was as good as it sounded!

There were 15 stations with chefs from all over the world. Our job was to sample as many flavors as possible and to vote on our favorites in a little booklet each of us got. Tough, I know, but someone had to do it.

I was especially excited to try the original gelato from its birth country Italy. The featured flavor was tiramisu and it melted in my mouth with all the right coffee and chocolate flavors. It definitely set a high standard for other competitors.

As mouthwatering as tiramisu was, my favorite ended up being the creamy coconut gelato from a Floridian chef. I swear it had some whipped cream in it, which made it so fluffy!

Pretty soon sugar jiggles started to set in, and I knew there was no way for kids to sit still on the drive home. Instead we walked around the mall.

La Encantada is still one of my favorites places in Tucson. There is a nice variety of shops, good restaurants and lovely outdoor walking area. Kids were entertained by this fountain for hours and tried to insist on fishing out all the coins.

Inspired by all the sweet feasting, I was determined to make a healthy dessert. I tried a new creation and baked¬†chocolate pumpkin avocado mini muffins. All the good ingredients, right? ūüôā As I was scraping them out of the pan, and the muffins refused to hold the shape – that should have been the first sign.

Guys, they tasted like death. So today, I’m baking a tried and tested chocolate chip almond cookies.¬†Have you ever attempted something that initially seemed like a good idea and ended up being a total failure? Please tell me I’m not alone.

I’ll be back soon to share the almond cookies recipe with ya. Have a great Monday!



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