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Hey friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a What I Ate Wednesday post with you. Truth be told, after the all Holidays festivities and yummy (but not so good for you) treats I was not particularly inspired to cook anything healthy and it took me a few weeks to find my groove.

I was definitely not one of the people to go on Whole30 on January 1st, like many of my friends did. But now that the dust (=glitter from all the decorations) has settled, I feel super motivated to cook healthy again.

Last year I ended up prepping separate meals for myself and the rest of the family. It was a tedious task… This year my goal is to introduce a variety of healthy meals with lots of fruit and vegetables that we cal ALL enjoy as a family. We are definitely not there yet, but I’ll be happy to share my progress and finds with you!

With that said, my goal for 2018 is to include either fruit or veggies with every meal. It may not always happen, but having that focus will help me deliver healthier options to my family’s dinner table.


My morning started with a traditional cup of coffee. I still use Califia Farm’s Coconut Almond Milk blend and it’s so creamy and thik that I don’t miss a regular creamer (and all the sugar it comes with). Along with coffee I enjoyed my favorite breakfast:

what I ate wednesday

Brown rice bread from Trader Joe’s toasted and smothered with crunchy organic peanut butter, topped with berries of choice (or whatever is in the fridge that day), drizzled with honey and sprinkled with unsweetened coconut flakes from Trader Joe’s.

Guys… it’s like eating dessert for breakfast. This will never get old.

Snack #1

Around 10 AM and after my workout I usually whip up a smoothie loaded up with protein, fruit and veggies. Lately I’ve been crazy about this combo:

I blend on high for at least 45 seconds and it creates a beautiful frothy texture. This smoothie is simple, full of nutrients and tastes like dessert. I always look forward to it after a workout!


For lunch I threw together a few leftovers from last night’s dinner and meal prep:

A slice of  Herbed Turkey Loaf (I’m so happy my kids like it too now!)

Sweet potato puree: boiled sweet potatoes + coconut milk + garlic powder + salt + pepper blended with an immersion blender

Arugula + cherry tomatoes

fit in progress

I’m becoming quite a fan of arugula. It has a unique flavor that goes so well with certain pasta dishes and as a pizza topping!

Snack #2

I try to eat one serving of fresh fruit and/or veggies for an afternoon snack. This is the time when my energy plummets and I need a little pick me up. One research I was reading the other day suggests that sweet fruit with its natural sugars and carbs are the best sources of quick energy. So I’m still testing this theory, I’ll let ya’ll know 🙂

But today I had:  apple slices + the most delicious Banana Protein Muffin with some peanut butter on top + a cup of tea.


I’m super excited about what’s in the works for tonight:

fit in progress

I spiralized 4 zucchini using this neat device within a minute and chopped 3 medium tomatoes. Next, I sauteed about 1 Tbsp of chopped garlic in olive oil in a large pan for about a minute or two.

Usually I’m all about shortcuts and using garlic powder, but in this particular dish fresh garlic makes all the difference!

Next, I added the zucchini and tomatoes into the pan, sauteed for about 3 minutes and seasoned with oregano+salt+pepper. I mixed everything then added chopped fresh basil leaf (you may also substitute with dried basil) and about 1/3 cup of shredded Parmesan. Mix again and turn off the heat. Done!

fit in progress

All in all, this meal took me 10 minutes and it smelled so good I couldn’t wait to dig into it!

My husband grilled some chicken to go with it and I had mashed potatoes on stand by for the kids 🙂 This is probably one of my favorite ways to cook zucchini noodles. It tastes just as good as a traditional Italian pasta minus all the calories from carbs!

Have you tried cooking with spiralized zucchini? I’d love to hear your favorite go to recipes!

Well, I am off on a quick run around the neighborhood, then to enjoy this dinner. Have a great evening!

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