So today I thought I’d share with you what a day of meals looks like for me.  I always find inspiration when reading what other healthy mamas are eating. Hope this post will give you some ideas too 🙂

Meal Plan

I have been following Fixate eating plan (you can get your copy on Amazon) for a year and a half now. During my first 2 months, I actually lost 8 lbs. Since then I’ve been in maintenance mode, and it’s been great!! The plan is very forgiving. You are allowed to eat carbs, dessert, even drink wine.  But everything is allowed in moderation, and you have to use portion control.

Best thing is there is no calorie counting. As long as you follow clean eating principles outlined in the book and able to fit your food in color coded containers (i.e. Red container is for protein, Yellow is for carbs, etc), you are GOOD! Click here to get more info on joining my Summer Bootcamp where I teach the basics of clean eating with Fixate Plan!

Typically, I eat every 2-3 hours.  There are 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a snack in between each meal. Research shows that feeding your body with proper nutrients throughout the day, NOT starving it, will lead to the loss of extra weight. However, it only works if you stick with healthy snacks between your meals! apples or celery with peanut butter, veggies and hummus, raw nuts, boiled eggs are all good options.


In the mornings you will find me brewing a cup of coffee while prepping kids’ breakfasts and getting them ready for the day. This is probably the busiest time of the day for me, but I am not the one to skip on breakfast.  So I stick with something easy I can whip up in less than 2 minutes. Lately it’s been a peanut butter toast on a gluten-free rice bread from Trader Joe’s + sliced strawberries + honey + coconut flakes.

healthy breakfast gluten free peanut butter toast

This little meal is just enough to fuel me for the morning. I find that if I eat too much, I feel groggy and lethargic. If you are not a breakfast person, try eating a smaller meal.  That might help you get the much needed energy in the A.M.  While there is conflicting research on whether you should eat breakfast first thing in the morning or listen to your body and skip it, if you’re not hungry, I find that I am much happier with a smaller meal than nothing at all.

Snack #1

The toast will last me through my workout in the morning, after which I whip up my favorite meal of the day 🙂  I always look forward to this Vegan Chocolate Shakeology smoothie!  It tastes like dessert but it’s full of incredibly potent nutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics (let’s talk about being regular, huh? 😉 ) and of course a healthy doze of protein.

For the base I use 1 Cup sugar-free almond milk, 1 Cup of ice plus some extra water and 1 scoop of Shakeology. Next, I add different mixing, such as a handful of raw spinach, frozen strawberries, extra chia seeds, coconut flakes, etc, depending on the mood and on what I have in the fridge that day. Blending for at least a minute on high speed creates the most delicious creamy chocolate smoothie!

healthy snack chocolate vegan shakeology

The perfect combo of protein and carbs makes it an excellent choice for a post-workout recovery drink. Funny thing is while I drink Shakeology for the benefits, my major reason is it curbs my sweet cravings (and some of you know, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!!). Perhaps, it’s the fact that you get to enjoy this guilt free chocolate smoothie each day.  Or maybe it’s the fact that when you nourish your body with proper nutrition, unhealthy cravings fade. Either way, it works really well for me.


For lunch I had a chicken salad on a bed of greens (chopped romaine + spinach). This is one of my favorite (and cheapest) lunch options!! I’d buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco for $5, shred it, mix with chopped celery, throw in dried cranberries and walnuts and mix in 2 heaping Table spoons of Greek yogurt. Then I portion out the servings to last me 4 days for lunches, so I don’t have to think what to eat come noon each day.  Awesome, right? 🙂

creamy chicken salad healthy lunch

I finished lunch with a cup of black tea and a paleo Blueberry muffin. I like to store these muffins in the freezer and take out one at a time for a little treat 🙂 YUM!

Snack #2

Afternoon snack vary for me.  Today it will be apple slices and a few raw almonds. This combo is easy to pack. So if I am driving around picking up kids from school and shuffling them to after school activities, the snack comes with me.


Dinner today will be leftovers from last night’s dinner – veggie packed chicken soup. This is one meal my kids will eat no questions asked, so I usually dump whatever veggies I can find in the fridge in the pot. There’s celery, onion, carrots, zucchini and bell pepper in this version. Topped with feta cheese, it’s SO GOOD!

healthy slow cooker chicken soup

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for ya!  Those moms with picky eaters will appreciate how easy it is to get your kids to eat all the veggies mixed in this soup:)

Snack #3

Night time is usually where I struggle the most. After kids are bathed and tucked away in bed, I start wondering around the kitchen looking to treats. Ice cream and cookies start calling my name… If I lived alone, I’d never keep those temptations in the house, but kids and husband love their sweets. So I usually will make a cup of green tea and if I absolutely need a treat I’ll take a small bite.

Lately, popcorn has been satisfying the cravings.  I’ll take that over a bowl of ice cream or a plate of cheese anytime.  I am still working on taming the snack beast at night, so for now it’s a day at a time type of a deal.

Well, there you go! Hope you enjoyed my “What I ate Wednesday” post 🙂

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to eating healthy? 

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