Oh the lovely weekend you are finally here!  Are you doing anything exciting? This weekend is a very special one for us.  We will be joining our dear friends to celebrate their twin boys’ (and later our son’s) First Communion. But first, I am making a meal for our other good friends who just welcomed their second baby.

It is a wonderful military tradition to support new parents, since we are almost always stationed away from family. When a new military spout is born, a meal train notification goes out and other families in the squadron get a chance to sign up and bring a meal.

We used a meal train too when Maria was born, and it was such a relief not having to worry about cooking for my family during those first few exhausting weeks with a newborn. Not to mention, all the meals brought to us were so delicious!  We got spoiled.

So when an opportunity arises, I love to sign up and treat fellow military moms to a meal.  It used to be so intimidating for me at first, but now I really enjoy putting together a menu and coming up with meals tailored to the family’s tastes.

My amazing husband took the kids to the zoo this morning, so I can cook away.  It’s all about team work, right? 🙂 So currently I am rocking to loud music (Luke Bryan + a little bit of Bruno Mars + lots of Zac Brown Band) and pouring my little heart out into this meal.  On the menu are sun-dried tomato and spinach stuffed chicken, quinoa salad with lots of chopped veggies and lactation cookies (all from the Fitnessista).

baby meal train meal

The lactation cookies came out so good!  I just had to taste one for quality control, you know? Old fashioned oats and almond meal gave it a nice texture and a little bit of chocolate chips (well, actually a lot) will turn them into quite a treat. I skipped Brewster’s Yeast and hemp seeds but other than that followed the the instructions.  Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try. You don’t have to be a nursing mom to appreciate how delicious these healthy cookies are 🙂

best lactation cookies

Meal prepping is something I’ve grown to love and enjoy but rarely do I have an opportunity to cook alone, without a little human being needing something from me every few minutes.  This is so relaxing WOW!

Well, I am off to finish the meal and later meet with a few fellow military spouses before we head to the First Communion celebration. I’ll be back later to share more more food pics and recipes with you all.  Hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend! Chat with ya later!

Tell me friends what do you bring to new parents? How do you prepare to welcome a new baby? Any favorite freezer meal recipes? Link away!




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