Hey there!  Did you have a nice July 4th? Hope you’re enjoying the short week. We spent a few days in Scottsdale and got home just in time to watch the fireworks. Today is back to the grind, which always makes me excited. The past few days weren’t exactly my best in terms of nutrition. I always have a hard time sticking to good choices when we travel. So it’s kind of nice to be back to homemade meals and a fitness routine.

fit in progress

My bestie made me a post workout fresh juice with carrots, celery, spinach, kale, beets, apples, strawberries and ginger.  It was the BEST! 

Here is what my workouts look like for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: 45 min cardio + leg day at the gym

Thursday: Orange Theory Fitness (yay!!!)

Friday: T25 Focus Beta workout streamed from BeachBody on Demand

Saturday: cardio + arms, chest, back

Sunday: hot yoga

I started laying out my schedule for the following week on the weekend, and it’s so nice to have a plan! I’ve noticed that it helps me stay on track. If I wait till the day of to chose a workout, I am more likely to skip it all together.

fit in progress

Working on my gym selfie pose here Bahaha!

What fired up my engines today was this article by David Kingsbury, a celebrity trainer to Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood actors. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a common sense approach to changing your body. And I mean, this guy obviously knows what he is talking about.  He’s turned Hugh Jackman into Wolverine and he’s quite healthy looking himself…

So David states that there absolutely no need to spend hours at the gym every day to transform your body. In fact, it’s quite possible to lose weight with moderate exercise. “Training intensity doesn’t always equate to results. You don’t always have to train hard. In fact very few of our workouts are at maximum intensity. Very high intensity and low intensity workouts are both equally useful, with every session having its individual purpose. It has to be balanced.”

The key to achieving the shape you desire is nutrition. “If someone is looking to lose weight then the primary focus is to ensure they are in a calorie deficit. To do this you need to balance your calorie intake (diet) with your calorie burn (exercise) to achieve a negative energy balance… If your goal is to lose fat, and your nutrition is very good and you’re eating the right amount of calories, you will still lose weight with very little exercise. Whereas if you are overeating, the amount of exercise you’ll have to do to reach a deficit is much higher.”

Here are some tips from David:

  • Imagine you’re a Hollywood star training for a movie – set a deadline
  • Eat balanced meals with healthy ingredients
  • Be aware of the calories consumed and keep them in line with your goals
  • Use a calorie tracker app
  • Follow training progression to continue challenging your body

You can read a full article HERE and this guy is pretty much amazing. He also offers subscription service on his website. I’ll be definitely looking into it.

None of these concepts are groundbreaking, calorie counting has been around for a while. But somehow after reading this today it just clicked for me that I need to renew the focus on nutrition.  Looking back at my fitness journey after having kids, I religiously followed the Fixate meal plan at the beginning. Coupled with daily 30 minute workouts at home, I lost 6 lbs in the first 4 weeks. It felt amazing!

fit in progress

Since then my cardio endurance has increased to probably the best in my life (although I know I can do better). I am able to run for 20 minute without lungs exploding and perform Plyo training without dying.  I love it! But with such focus on fitness performance, I’ve somehow let my nutrition slip.

A self pronounced emotional eater, I disregarded the clues and submerged in the world of dessert and treats during a few stressful months. I basically gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted. It wouldn’t be a big deal, I thought, since I maintained my workout schedule. To my surprise clothes started to feel tight.

I knew things had to change and my new focus is now on nutrition. This article came at a perfect time to reinforce the idea that you can’t ignore the diet and expect good results. Time to flex those will power muscles and get sweet cravings under control.

Hope you too feel inspired to look at your diet. It’s possible to get in shape with little exercise if your nutrition is on point.  Stick with healthy choices and avoid processed foods.  Here is a great post with recipes to get you started: No Shame Basic Meal Plan.

Have a great rest of the short week! I have a few exciting posts and recipes coming your way this week. Something we all look forward to is Dmitri’s birthday party this weekend. It is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to share the pics with you!



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