You’ve probably heard me raving about Playformance Tucson before. It is undoubtedly our kids’ favorite place to play and practice new skills (like when my 20 months old climbed out of her crib the night after her very first visit). I am just so grateful we have this unique and fun facility in Tucson. They offer a fantastic opportunity to keep your kids active and physically challenged especially throughout the summer when outdoor options are limited due to heat.

Our family are all huge fans of Playformance. It was a no-brainer where to host my son’t 8th birthday this year. So today I wanted to share our experience and hopefully inspire you to check it out too if you’re local or find something similar in your home town.

Huge thank you to Cailey Shivers Photography for capturing the event on camera and for the stunning action shots. Cailey did my photos for this website and they turned out perfect. I was so excited she agreed to photograph this party! Check out Cailey’s Facebook page HERE.  If you live in Tucson and looking for a professional photographer who instantly makes you feel at ease, look her up.

Coach Kyven explaining the rules for the next game


Playformance is a local Tucson children’s gym that offers Parkour and unique play based fitness programs to build kids strength and character through play. It boasts rustic red brick interior and bright colored decorations that set the tone for fun and play. The facility is equipped with a practice basketball court, rings, rock climbing walls, and all sorts of athletic training equipment.

Kids love the bright colored gym mats shaped as giant blocks and wedges that turn into mountains of fun obstacle courses. Every time we come, these mats are re-arranged to create a new challenging and exciting opportunity for conquering, allowing the kiddos to channel their inner ninja 🙂

Playformance has recently expanded and nearly doubled in size. During classes and open play, the area is filled with kids and parents. It felt pretty surreal to have the entire top notch facility to ourselves for my son’s party that evening. 

fit in progress kids gym

We arrived half an hour before the guests and with the help of Playformance team set up the decorations (does any other birthday party parlor help with that? It was awesome!). Within minutes the large hall turned into a bright colored party scene.

As kids started arriving they were sent straight to the gym where coaches took over the supervision, while parents were able to relax and chat in the main hall. It was really a perfect set up!



Unlike with other birthday party options I considered (Chuck-e-Cheese, bowling places, another local gym), at Playformance we had a team of four coaches dedicated to our group.  And their goal was to keep our children entertained, happy and safe. As evidenced by the big bright smiles on kiddos faces, that mission was successfully accomplished!

fit in progress childrens gym


Kids had an absolute blast. A big chunk of time was dedicated to organized games lead by coaches.There was a Parkour type obstacle course per my request (Dmitri took Parkour classes here before and loved it!), dodge ball, zombie tag and zombie tag crawl. All you could hear from the main gym were kids laughs and giggles with an occasional triumphant scream.

fit in progress kids gym


Next up was open play time when kids were free explore all the fun equipment on their own and run around as they pleased. It was so fun to see them come out of their shells and go for flips and high jumps, swing on the rope and conquer the obstacles.

fit in progress kids gym

Once the kids were properly trained in essential ninja skills, it was time to eat!



Pizza seems to be the staple of many birthday parties, so we went with Magpies Gourmet Pizza and were not disappointed. Everyone loved the “Mag-nificent Giant” with Italian sausage, pepperoni, green bell pepper, black olives, mushrooms and mozzarella.  My favorite was definitely “The Greek” with marinara sauce, mozzarella, feta, spinach, pinion nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and garlic. Even plan cheese pizza that I ordered for kids was fantastic!

We also ordered two dozen cupcakes from Charlie’s Cupcakes. It’s a local business that provides custom made baked goodies for parties and celebrations. Beth, the owner, is known for creating beautiful custom made designs fitted for any party theme! These lovely airplane themed cupcakes were a huge hit at my son’s party!! The texture was fluffy and moist and they melted in your mouth!

The cake part was a little tricky.  My son was set on having an ice cream version from Cold Stone. Considering it was a hot July in Arizona, the logistics of keeping it from melting during the party was going to be a little challenging. To my huge surprise Playformance had a freezer and they offered me to use it until the candle blowing time. Problem solved!

fit in progress



It’s quite obvious from the very beginning that Playformance coaches and staff are genuinely passionate about children. They were so fun, sweet and caring with our little ones. Coaches got them all fired up for the games and kept everyone happy and entertained the entire time!

I especially appreciated how they let kids run around and do their thing but were always nearby to supervise.  So if a child went on a potentially dangerous trail, they were there to watch, warn and sometimes rescue 🙂

Little ones were paid particular attention to ensure safety. This coach was so sweet tending to my two year old during the games and helping her get through the tougher obstacles, my heart melted!

fit in progress



That’s right. I can’t even call it customer service, it was CARE. Playformance crew took amazing care of our group and went above and beyond my expectations.

Truth be told, I couldn’t have done this without their help. With my husband out of town for work, and the two little munchkins to take care of, I was dreading the logistics of hosting a big party. They took care of it all.

fit in prrogress


Playformance coaches took over the kids’ entertainment, guided the games, supervised for safety. They helped unload party supplies from my car, assisted with setting up the tables and decoration. When pizza arrived and I somehow got caught up, they jumped right in and served the slices!! Later, I saw them clean out  tables for the cake. And when the party was over they carried all the presents to my car, all I had to do was give them the keys.

Oh, and if you’re like me and you always forget this something – Playformance got your back!  Don’t tell anyone that I forgot paper plates to a party – major mom fail – but sure enough, they offered me a big stack!  And when I didn’t have enough table cloths, they found a brand new one in the closet. No charge.  It felt so good knowing that I could just relax and enjoy the party. This crew has got it!



We’ve never received this level of customer care and such an outstanding experience as we did at Playformance. What makes the difference is that these people truly care about children. Well that, and the amazing coffee they serve at the front desk 🙂

Our birthday party ended up being better than expected! The staff was exceptional and they kept the kids busy. Unlike other birthday options, we had the entire place to ourselves and we didn’t have to share it with public or other parties. There was something for every age so not one child got bored! Everyone from my two year old to adults had a blast.


fit in progress kids gym

We look forward to coming back here for Parkour classes and open family play on the weekends.  If you are interested in checking out Playformance, you may find their address and schedule HERE.



In full disclosure: I have received a discount on service in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


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