Last weekend was kind of special.  First, it’s not often that I get to take a trip sans kids. Getting through airport security with minimal hassle and flying on the airplane in peace and quite was kind of um… weird. Second, my best friend in California is getting married this summer, and the past weekend was her bridal shower.  As a Maid of Honor, I was so excited to plan and organize this fun event.  The challenging part was doing so from another state. Luckily, it all worked out just fine!

I arrived in California Friday afternoon and was able to run some errands for the bridal shower.  Later I made it to the future bride’s house and we enjoyed a lovely zucchini lasagna with an incredible ground turkey tomato sauce prepared by her groom. It was delicious! I certainly appreciated having a healthy home made dinner while away from home.

We stayed up late chatting and catching up on things, but sleeping in was not in the cards that weekend. The next morning, my other bestie from Nevada who also came down for the bridal shower knocked on the door at 6:55 am and said “let’s got for a run“. She is a half marathon veteran, so I thought it would be fun to start the morning with a run together. We found a small lake on the map and decided to make it our destination.  The lake ended up being an empty reservoir – haha total fail! – but we nevertheless had a blast!

Later, we enjoyed home made brunch and it was time to get ready. Just like the good old times, we put on our make up and got beautified together. It’s funny how the three of us now live in different states, hundreds of miles apart, yet every time we get together it’s like we click right in!  These girls make my heart full <3

There were some fancy hats and French Macarons involved while waiting for the party.

The theme of the bridal shower was High Tea, and the Royal Tea & Treatery couldn’t be more perfect. I only saw the photos of this place online when looking for an appropriate venue.  So it was a pleasant surprise that it ended up being even more fancy and luxurious in person. How about those chandeliers… Plus, the entire menu was gluten free!

Thanks to the beautiful and catchy interior design, I was able to keep decorations to a minimum.  Which came in handy, since I could only fit so much in my suitcase 🙂 Just a few frames and game prizes.  Party favors were purchased and decorated the morning of.

We enjoyed our afternoon tea with proper scones, finger sandwich variety (my favorite were cucumber and roasted red pepper tea sandwich) and of course cupcakes!

Pictured below with the absolutely stunning bride-to-be! I was just a liiiiiiiiiiitle too excited to be hosting this shower 🙂

The shower was such a success! Everyone enjoyed the party, the company, the food and the games. How Well Do You Know The Bride game was the best and brought us some good laughs and a few surprises.

After all the festivities, it was time to open the presents. How gorgeous is this girl? It put a huge smile on my face to see her being celebrated and pampered by so many of her friends!

I was just popping with pride and happiness for my lovely friend.  I’ve known this girl for so many years and I couldn’t be more excited that she is tying the knot this summer!!

The high tea bridal shower ended up being a glorious party!  Afterwards we managed to pack all the gifts in the car and headed home.  With the shower behind us it was time to chit chat and catch up on each others lives.

Throughout the weekend, I checked up on the kids and husband who was holding the fort at home.  Turns out, they did quite well!  The kids got spoiled rotten with trips to Chuck-E-Cheese and other notoriously famous children’s places. I don’t think they missed me one bit 🙂

When it was time to fly back home to Arizona on Sunday, I was sad to leave my girls but so happy to get back to my family! We do have a few other events to look forward to this summer with all the wedding festivities, but for now it’s time to hug my kiddos and the main guy <3

How was your weekend my friends?  Do you have any exciting events to look forward to this summer?


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