Hey friends!

How’s your week been? We are in a survival mode here because both husband and little Miss are currently working on getting their flu out of the way before Christmas 🙂 Maria wakes up a few times a night PLUS she’s cutting molars. Please SEND HELP.

In the evening I just go “what’s the point of going to sleep, I’ll be up in an hour with Maria anyway”. Sure enough, she never fails me in my expectations.

So for now I’m running on coffee. And this cutest mug from Target. It’s perfect

Target gets me every time. I see a mug I.have.to.have on a shelf. Then I remember the current cupboard situation overflowing with said mugs and my husband’s voice saying “do you think we have enough cups now?“. Part of me me wants to walk away. But then I see a ridiculously low price tag and the battle is over. In the cart it goes.

This mug has been making my mornings brighter for the past few weeks. So I’ll say it’s worth it 🙂

Last weekend, before everyone got sick, Dmitri and I had a Mom and Son date. Spending tons of time with my toddler is so fun, but I always miss that on-on-one time with my boy. So we found a movie we both wanted to see Coco (<<– strongly recommend!!) and went together just the two of us. I picked Roadhouse because they have completely reclining seats (challenge –>> not falling asleep) and food service. Normally I’m not a popcorn person, but that night we ate our weight in popcorn (and ice cream). It was glorious!

Also, I’ve been working on a Christmas lottery wreath. I volunteered to make one for my husband’s squadron Christmas party and was really looking forward to putting it together. Sadly, I’m not that crafty wife like many other military spouses. You should have seen me browsing the isles at Michael’s and having a mild panic attack. I had no clue what I was doing.

My awesome friend donated the wreath so all I needed to get were the lotteries and cute decor. In the end, I think I’m happy with how it came out. It will be used as a raffle prize during the Christmas party, so hopefully we’ll have lucky chance enthusiasts in the audience!

Maria and I made a trip to the squadron to drop off my little creation and headed to a playground. She’s definitely still recovering, but it was a beautiful day so we decided to go for it.

By the way, I’m so in love with this casual A-line dress from Old Navy! I snatched it on sale for under $20 and found myself wearing it ALL the time! It’s casual enough to run errands, but it’s also easy enough to dress up with a long pendant or a scarf and cute booties. I even wore it to our family holiday photo shoot! Old Navy quality is really good, so I know this one is sticking around for a while.

No mountain (or fence) high enough for this little one:)

How’s your week been? Have any of your family members caught the bug this season yet? Hope not!

Wishing you all stay healthy and well to enjoy the holiday season!

I’ll be back soon with a post about our Polar Express. It was a blast!



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