Can you believe it’s September already? I’m doing a little happy dance because it’s officially the beginning of my favorite season. Bring on all the pumpkin treats, Fall candles and sweater weather! Just kidding about the last one – it’ll be another month here in Vegas until we put on anything long sleeve. But everyone else north of us – do enjoy!

We are three weeks into a school routine and I’m finally getting the grip on things. The most daunting task was unpacking all the boxes after the move and finding where to put ALL THE STUFF. It’s quite the challenge when your new house has half the storage/closet space than your old house. I’ve been purging like crazy, donating and giving away things we no longer need, and it’s been liberating. Now that we’re down to a box here and there, and I finally unpacked all the pots and pans – we’re back into the cooking game!

(Sauteed in olive oil onions + mushrooms + sausage with pasta and fresh spinach on top)

It’s hard to believe that living in one of the entertainment capitals of the world, we still haven’t made it to the Strip! It’s probably because our new neighborhood has everything we need, and it’s been so nice! In Tucson we had to drive on average 30 minutes to reach a point of interest: movies, restaurants, malls, Costco, Trader Joe’s. In Las Vegas, we have all these things within a 10 minute drive!

On Monday morning Maria and I hit the gym and went to explore Downtown Summerlin. It’s an outdoors mall with a some of my favorite of shops (Sephora, Banana Republic, Gap Kids and Lush) and restaurants.

I did a little happy dance when we found Nekter Juice Bar hiding in the corner near Macy’s!! I’m pretty sure I had a creeper smile as I fast walked Maria towards my fresh juice dreams.

Their freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are to die for! I ordered my favorite the Greenie juice (Parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, and apple) and Maria had a Berry Banana Burst smoothie (Strawberry, banana, blueberry, housemade cashew milk, and a little agave nectar).

Later we browsed through Lush and smelled every soap and bath bomb in the store. Which was a lot:

I decided that Maria was old enough to enjoy a luxurious bath experience, so I let her pick out a few hot pink fruity bath bombs. They change colors as they melt in a tub and turn water pink = this girl’s dreams come true.

And I got a fresh ingredient mask:

It’s not often that I treat myself to good skin products, but Lush is one of those places that I feel is worth splurging. All their masks are made of fresh ingredients such as bananas, oats, honey, seaweed and must be stored in the fridge. Their shelf life is typically a few weeks to a month, so you know there are no preservatives and you skin will be soaking all the nutrients directly from the source.

One of the weekends we did a family hike at the Red Rock Canyon. It’s such a unique place with remarkable landscape.

There are so many trails for all levels. We chose an easy walk down to the canyon (all the while my husband was looking up to spot mountain lions and creeping me out) and found a few cool caves.

Kids had a blast climbing on the rock but on the way back up the hill Maria flaked out and husband had to carry her up.

That day there was a beautiful overcast which made it seem like a scene from Mars.

And this guy <3

I can’t wait to come back and explore other trails when it cools down below 90s (hopefully by October).

This weekend we may venture out for some more adventures because mom is coming to town! We’re all so pumped and can’t wait to hug her!!

What do you have planned this weekend? Any fun adventures? What is your favorite go to spot for quick healthy food?



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