Happy Friday, friends! Hope your week has been good. Any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’m taking a little break from painting as I type this 🙂 My little girl has outgrown her toddler bed, and I am moving her into my older son’s twin bed. He in turn gets a queen size bed my husband and I saved from our single days. Everyone gets an upgrade after we move to Las Vegas this month haha. Well, the twin size bed is dark brown and it won’t match Maria’s white dresser and nightstand, so I decided to paint it white. Mind you, the only thing I’ve ever painted before was a classroom wall many many years ago (Julie, if you’re reading this – thanks for the prep!) The guy at our local Sherwin-Williams was so nice at walking me through things, so fingers crossed.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared latest things I’m enjoying from around the web, tv, and our lives. So here we go!

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why (Netflix original series) – Have you seen? I added Season 1 to my wish list a while back thinking it would be a total snoozer. I was wrong. Can’t think of another show that so deeply affected me, probably because my own kids will be in high school in not that distant future.

friday favorites

If you haven’t heard the story it’s about a high school girl who commits suicide. Episodes are centered around the tapes she records prior with 13 reasons why she killed herself. Scenes of bullying, sexual assault and grief made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. While, the movie is a fiction, all these themes are relevant in our lives. I feel like the movie does a fantastic job at highlighting high school struggles.

Not gonna lie, teenage years worry me. This movie is great at showing that some of the struggles are normal, at the same time highlighting what could be done better. It was pretty refreshing to see Selena Gomez on the list of executive producers and the cast is hugely talented. Characters are deeply flawed and so likable at the same time. They totally grow on you!

The BIG news for all the fans is that Season 2 *just* came out and I totally binge watched it in a few days. It’s so addicting! This season gave more insight and answers to many “whys” but it also made me angry at the system that allows things to happen the way they did. It was not your usual happy ending feel good type of finale… I also cried a little. No more spoilers here, if you watched it – tell me what did you think?

Birthday with my girl

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you know that we quietly celebrated me getting another year younger 🙂 My husband was in Las Vegas and my son flew to Oklahoma to visit his grandparents, so it was just Maria and I. We missed having our crew together on this day, but this little girl was determined to make me laugh every minute of the day!

We ran some errands in the morning, stopped by her and my gyms, picked up some paint for my projects, and ended the day with a mini celebration at our favorite sushi restaurant. The waiter was sweet enough to bring us a candle and complementary dessert, and we blew it out together. It was perfect!

Flourless Chocolate Muffins

This had to happen…

It’s been a while since I’ve made these Flourless Chocolate Muffins but they tastes as good as I remembered. I remember making them on repeat when I was closely following the Fixate meal plan. This muffins are deliciously gooey and chocolatey, such a perfect treat without all the traditional ingredients like sugar, white flour or butter.

Kids RXbars

If you’re a fan of RX Bars like me, you’ll be excited to try this kids version for your littles. My kiddos are always snacking on something, and it makes me feel good knowing they eat minimally processed bars. Not to mention they taste delicious!

Chocolate Chip flavor was our favorite! If you don’t see these at your local stores, click on this link and Amazon will ship them to your house for free!

Korean Skincare

Have you tried? I got hooked during my visit to a Korean Spa, plus mom mom tells me that everyone obsesses over it in Europe. Apparently, it’s the next best thing!

So since I turned a year older yesterday, I thought it might be time to start taking good care of my skin. This mask dries and then peels off (along with at least a layer of skin and some baby hair haha!) revealing youthful looking face. I absolutely love it! I bought mine at an Asian store, but you can order a similar one HERE.

Core Crusher Ab Workout

I found this workout on Pinterest and was so excited! It combined some of my favorite moves, and I’ll be adding it to my routine tomorrow. For other awesome workout ideas and a workout schedule for the week, click HERE.

So tell me, what are some of your favorites from the week? Have you painted anything before? I am such a newbie! But then I think, how bad can I mess it up? Ha

Have an amazing weekend!



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