Hey friends! Have you celebrated Halloween last weekend or going trick or treating tomorrow? Does it feel like October flew by, or was it just me?

Between our daughter being hospitalized, husband returning from deployment, fun visit from in-laws and getting back to normal, Halloween totally creeped in on me this year (see what I did there? LOL).

I attempted to find new Halloween costumes for the kiddos last minute. Unsuccessfully. In the end we settled on last year’s costumes. Maria will be a sweet little Sophia princess and Dmitri will rock his George Washington suite + wig combo. That one was kinda tough to beat, so I’m glad we’ll get another use out of it.

Both children were such good sport about it. I said a silent prayer they haven’t learned to demand new outfits yet. Actually, they were quite happy about these superhero finds, compliments of Mimi:

For the same reasons I didn’t go crazy with Halloween decorations this year (although my husband might tell you otherwise).

At least I finally learned to do it the smart way. Last year I did a through sweep of the Target seasonal clearance section and picked up these colorful pumpkins:

They are sitting on top of a shelf in the play room, and every time I walk in, they make me smile!

Another cheap find was these spooky lights from our local grocery store (!). Maria immediately approved with a scared look 🙂 It looks WAY creepier at night.

This tassel garland called my name out from a Pottery Barns Kids store. I initially planned to hang it at each kids room, but then decided it would look great on the wall right above the TV.

I saw these bats at a local Orangetheory fitness studio (talking about being Halloween ready all year round! LOL). So when they ended up being on sale at Pottery Barn Kids, I made sure to grab a pack. They dress up wall space in a fun and minimalist way. I attached ours near the photo gallery and it looks so festive!

Tomorrow I am going to set the dining table with a neat black lace linen and other decorations. I’ll make sure to snap a pic for ya!

As for treats, these Peanut Butter Pumpkins look so yummy and such a fun activity to do with kids! We all love peanut butter in this family so it’ll be perfect, I may just substitute agave for sugar 🙂

So do you have a strategy for dealing with the biggest candy eating day of the year? Will you let your kids eat all the candy they want? Do you put limitations?

My children are very sensitive to artificial sugar. A few pieces of chocolate can send them bouncing off the walls. I’m talking total destruction and forget about sleep wagon.

So we usually let them eat a few pieces the day of. Then once they go to sleep, I’ll move their candy bags into the pantry. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Following days, they are allowed to have a candy or two after dinner. I let them pick it out from a bag, so it’s still fun for them. Eventually they forget and I donate candy to a local charity.

A friend of mine offers her kids to trade all the candy for $20 to spend in a store or a toy. I think it’s a brilliant plan, and we may have to try it if candy eating gets out of hand.

Whatever you choose, I wish you a happy and safe Halloween! More than anything, it’s a wonderful opportunity to have fun and bond with your kids and friends!




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