To those of you parents who still enjoy the summer break with your kiddos – YAY! For us, the school started a months ago. Which means the germ sharing season is in full swing. As a little welcome back present from school, both of my children got sick last week, each with completely different symptoms. My poor hands were peeling from constant soap lathering to prevent cross-contamination 🙂

Somehow I escaped the bug, thank goodness! Nothing worse than the entire family sick while your husband is deployed. Between sleepless nights with my littlest-est one and full on nurse duty during the day for two fussy kiddos, I started to resemble a zombie with a messy bun. Luckily, after a few rough days they are both back to normal and cheerful as usual. I am so thankful that this bug didn’t last long!

So today I thought I’d share with you our favorite kid’s go to remedies and supplements in case you want to germ proof your little one’s immune systems. As always, please consult with your family doctor before making any changes to your diet or taking new medication. My advice is not meant to be a substitute for a physician’s recommendations. This is simply what works for my family.

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One of the things I truly believe in is that whole foods should always be the primary source of nutrition.  Nothing can replace the combination of vitamins and nutrients designed to work together by nature. So in our family we aim to have several servings of fresh fruit and veggies daily.

Thanks to this healthy diet, I do not feel the need to offer my children vitamins in a bottle year round. However, there are times when they can certainly benefit from a little boost. Such as when the school starts or the flu season hits, or during travel.

When it comes to children’s multi-vitamins, I am sadly aware of all the harmful substances added to the mix.  Most gummy bear brands contain loads of sugar, artificial colors, soy and other harmful chemicals. In the end, I decided to slip these products all together.

So I did a little happy dance when I found these Yummi Bears Sugar-free Multi-Vitamin and Mineral gummies. There was a complete list of essential vitamins to support the immune system minus all the sugar and harmful additives. Best part is I could skip a pharmacy trip by ordering online from Amazon with free Prime shipping. Huge win for this busy mom. A day later the Ymmi Bears were on my door steps and immediately tested on kids. Approved!

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After the initial success with this brand, I ordered Omega-3 + DHA on Amazon. Studies show that increased Omega 3 intake leads to improved attention, focus and behavior (Source). It can ease ADHD symptoms and helps with learning. So I’ve decided that this is the one supplement my kids will take consistently throughout the school year.

In the past, I’ve tried cod liver oil in liquid form but truth be told it was too much to deal with. I get much less resistance when I offer gummy bears.  In fact, they’ve become a great bargaining tool when I need to convince my kids to finish their breakfast 🙂

Probiotics could be another line of defense against all the bugs at school. Healthy gut flora will boost your children’s immune response and prevent many diseases.

Good sources of probiotics are yogurt, kefir, kombucha (my son loves the one in green bottle!), miso soup (another favorite) and pickled vegetables. For an added boost, and especially if taking antibiotics, I offer my kids probiotics in a supplement form.  We haven’t found our favorite yet, so for now I am testing this one to see how it works.

I also started giving Oral Probiotic for Kids to my son at bed time. It claims to fight tooth decay, boost immune system and build stronger teeth and boost ear, nose and throat health. Since my son is prone to frequent throat and nose infections, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try.

The pill has a pleasant minty flavor and he just chews on it in bed after brushing teeth, while I read him a book.

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When kids go down with cold, my go to remedies are Boogie Mist and homeopathic medicine.

A few months ago when my little one had a pretty bad cough and I was running out of ideas, I bought this Chestal Honey Cough Syrup and it worked like a miracle! She literally woke up cough free the next day.

Boiron brand has a solid line of other natural products from baby teething and flu meds to calendula skin care.  I usually stock up on their cold remedies in Spouts or on Amazon.

Another one of my favorite kid’s go to remedies and supplements during school days is Siddha Kid Attention and Focus Supplement. I bought it for my son in hopes of helping him stay focused at school.

He is a typical 8 year old full of energy and not enough time to play during class time. So I am hoping these drops will help him stay on track when it’s time to sit down and study.

During my last trip to Sprouts I grabbed a bottle of Nature’s Plus Vitamin C chewable pills (my mom always made me take a ton of Vitamin C at the first signs of a cold, as that’s when it’s most effective and helps decrease the duration of the cold). Of course I wasn’t happy about all the added sugar in these pills, so I quickly found a sugar free option on Amazon!

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Another find at Sprouts was this Kid’s Rescue Remedy by Bach Homeopathics. I am a huge fan of Bach Original Flower Essences brand and this line in particular. The adult version of Rescue Remedy works wonders during stressful times and features all natural non habit forming ingredients. I even took a few drops before flying across the States alone with a toddler and was calm as a summer sea 🙂

So I figured, it might be helpful for kids too.

What about you, parents? Do you give your kids vitamins or supplements? Share your favorites with us!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Chat with ya later.



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