Hey guys!  How’s your day going?  Hope it’s a good one! I recently hosted a virtual Meal Prep group and thought I’d share a few things here with you.

Funny that it’s been over a year now that I meal plan and there is still so much to learn. I can truly say that I struggled with my healthy eating habits a lot in the beginning because I thought I could skip this part altogether and honestly, you can’t. Healthy eating requires a little planning and preparation on your part. Having a coach walk me through it at the beginning was a huge help.  It suddenly clicked and I was like… How did I live all these years? 🙂

Meal planning ideas

Here are the basics of how to meal plan #likeaboss.

1. Keep it fresh  

I start my meal planning by searching for healthy recipes. My big red binder recipe collection is a usual go to, but I also like to try one or two new recipes every week so we don’t get bored of always eating the same thing! Clean eating does NOT mean grilled chicken and salad in every meal! In fact, it is a lot of FUN when you experiment with new ingredients.

My TOP COOKBOOKS for healthy recipes are:

* Fixate
* Skinnytaste
* Whole30
* Giada’s cookbooks

My TOP WEBSITES for new recipes are:


And… Pinterest of course!!!

2. Make a grocery list

Grocery lists are VITAL to the entire meal planning process.

I am old school and I like to keep a note pad by the fridge. When we run out of something like eggs, bread etc or when I go through a recipe, I jot down the items in my Shopping List.

If you are more tech savvy, there are so many wonderful apps to keep your shopping list right there on your phone! Grocery IQ and BigOven both have amazing reviews!

3. Get organized

So before you start anything, make sure you have any and all equipment/kitchen gadgets that will make this process as smooth as possible for you! I would like to recommend the following items because they have helped make my life a whole lot easier.

Storage containers ( I like glass, but you can use what you like)
Mason Jars
Rice cooker
Measuring cups
Food Processor
Veggie Chopper
Cutting boards (multiple)
A great set of cutting knives
Cooking utensils
Large Pots
Freezer bags

This veggie spiralizer is my favorite tool! For meal preps it really helps a TON. Mine cost $22 at Amazon.

4. Time to get to work

Now that you have purchased all your food and you have your meal plan it is time to get to work! Most of the time I meal plan on Saturdays and prep on Sundays, with a few fresh meals cooked mid week. Some people prefer to have a full week’s worth of meals ready. Find what works for you!

  • Start by boiling brown rice, quinoa and baking sweet potatoes. Those are great to have on hand!
  • While that’s cooking, chop all your fruits and veggies. Calculate how much you need for all your recipes and cut everything at once (I like to use my food processor) A veggie chopper or a spiralizer will come in handy here if you own one.
  • Open all cans and rinse and drain.
  • Crockpot meals can be thrown together in a freezer bag and frozen then just htrow in the crockpot the morning of the day you plan on eating it.
  • Throw cut veggies in plastic baggies to have them quick and ready to go for snacks (I like baby carrots and celery for Hummus)
  • Place washed and cut up fruit in clear glass containers at eye level in your fridge for quick easy access.

PREPARE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AHEAD OF TIME and you will see how much easier your life is

How about you my friends? Do you meal plan? Any favorite recipes to share?


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