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Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great day so far! Any exciting plans for the weekend? We are just taking it easy with some house cleaning + a bike ride and park with the kiddos. Lunch was a bunch of leftovers/cleaning up the fridge but for dinner I have dijon mustard honey baked salmon and rice with grilled asparagus planned = FEAST!

Now can we all take a moment to talk about “mom kind of tired”? If you follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed recent lack of exercise related post. Or any posts at all.

fit in progress healthy vitamins for more energy and healthy skin

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty run down and just zapped of any energy.

Part of it was probably due holding the fort by myself. Our main guy has been out of state for almost two months now (#airforcelife). So yeah, it’s been a 24/7 on the job kid raising party over here haha!

fit in progress Family time

(He did come to visit for a few days and it was the highlight of the month. On the way to Sushi Garden here, not color coordinated at all)

But the big part of my exhaustion was due to being up at night with my 3-year old girl. Yes, I’ve shared about her sleep issues when she was two HERE. Back then I really struggled because my husband was deployed and well… here we go again. She usually comes to my room crying around 1-3 AM and as soon as I give her hugs and take her back to bed, she’s fast asleep. Then she’s up for good at 6 AM and ready to rumble! (anyone else? please tell me how you handle!)

You guys… if you know me, you know how much I like sleep. Like, really really LOVE sleep. Waking up on my own because I am fully rested and not because someone tumbles into my room crying has been a vivid yet distant dream of mine. I am sure many moms can relate HAHA!

Broken sleep and early mornings have hindered my immune system and zapped my energy. I started to rely heavily on coffee, carbs and even unhealthy sweets to fuel me through the day. This was a slippery slope, as I soon discovered. With no energy for workouts and eating less than ideal snacks, my clothes started to feel tighter and my weight crept up.

Throw into the mix my recently broken finger… (fresh out of  a splint and graduated to a buddy tape here)

fit in progress healthy mom


I knew it was time to change something. The first thing I looked at was Maria’s sleeping habits. We’ve talked with her pediatrician about different strategies, and he suggested creating a chart. We’d go to the store, let her pick stickers and decorations. Then every time she sleeps through the night, she gets a sticker, and eventually a small prize when she completes a row of 5-7 stickers.

I also ordered this GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter and UV-C Sanitizer for Maria’s room on Amazon (a.k.a. mom’s best friend).  I’ve been a fan of GermGuardian brand since my son was a baby, because of their quality, durability and modern design. He already has this model in his room and we really like how it works. His room always smells so fresh and just feel clean!

This particular air purifier comes with several settings, so it’s perfect for white noise (<<– main reason why I got it for Maria). It also has a night light which you can easily turn off and on depending on your preferences. Suspecting that my toddler may have nightmares, I left the light on. Not sure if it was the light, the noise, or a combination of both from our new air purifier but she actually slept through the night last night! (hence me having more energy than usual to write a post today haha!)

fit in progress

(She felt so much better too after getting a good night sleep – obv – prepping for teenage years lol)


The next thing I knew I needed to address was nutrition. For me, this is usually the first thing that suffers when things get tough. And in turn poor eating habits turn me into a carb craving zombie. It’s a vicious circle.

As much as I craved pizza and other unhealthy carbs, I forced myself to replace them with greens and veggies. I also loaded up on proteins (ground turkey, grilled chicken and fish are my jam) and watched my water intake. Trust me guys, the chain reaction goes the other way too. Once you start eating the good stuff, your body learns to enjoy and eventually crave it too.

healthy lunch fit in progress

(Hiding under all the goodness is shredded chicken and salad greens; I’ve been a huge fan of arugua lately!)

Extra Boost

I knew I was on the right track to feeling like myself again but what really made a difference was these vitamins that I included in my diet:

Energy + metabolism: Garden of Life Raw Vitamin B Complex (2 months supply)

Immune system + skin: Garden of Life Raw Zink:

Skin + energy production: Jarrow Formulas Biotin:

Iron deficiency: Floradix Floravital: (only iron supplement I ever take, especially around THAT time of the month for energy)


From my grad school years I inherited the love for a thorough research. Armed with a laptop and a cup of tea I went on a hunt for nutrients responsible for boosting immune system and energy levels. The two vitamins that came up the most were zink and B group.

It’s always best to get your vitamins from food. But if/when it’s not always possible, the quality of consumed supplements is equally important. B12 directly responsible for energy production in our body comes in 2 forms. Most widely used in multivitamins is the cyanocobalamin form. Interestingly, the other form methylcobalamin  appears to be better absorbed and retained in higher amounts within your tissues = is more efficient (source). Also – wait for it – methylcobalamin  form of B12 is crucial in synthesis of melatonin, promosting sleep and regulating cortisol!

This was exactly what I needed. So I went with my trusted brand Garden of Life and ordered Garden of Life Raw B Complex and Garden of Life Raw Zink on Amazon.  Guys… a week later I felt like a different person! The fog was lifted and I had more energy despite still dealing with broken sleep. I even blasted a few sweet workouts at home! (–>> hoping to make it to the gym next).

For skin, I have been taking this Biotin (again, after careful research Jarrow Formulas came highly recommended). After a few weeks, my skin is glowing!  I pass by a mirror and catch a reflection of my dewy  complexion in surprise. Loving the changes so far.

Lastly, I added Floravital Iron pills. I used to take the liquid form of this magical formula around THAT time of the month and it always seemed to give me a boost of energy.

fit in progress

It seems like things are looking up now and I’ll continue sharing my journey with you all. Please remember than I am not a licensed practitioner. I’m simply sharing what worked for me. Make sure to consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet or starting new supplements.

Hope sharing my experience was helpful if you’re dealing with something similar. I would also love to hear your story! Was your toddler a challenged sleeper? Did they ever grow out of it? What are your favorite supplements to restore energy?

Have a lovely weekend!




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