Happy New Years Day! Who’s ready for 2018? Hope you had an amazing celebration. We stayed at home with the fam and watched all the NY shows on TV. Once the ball dropped we were like “OK we’re good” haha! Wild, I know.

This morning I woke up pretty excited about January 1st and a Monday! Just like many of you, Christmas indulgences left me feeling bloated and foggy.  Now with all the Holidays behind us I am so ready to get back to meal planning and regular exercising!

This is the time many people set their New Year resolutions, such as going on a diet or turning into a self proclaimed gym rat. I’ve done that before, and while I was successful at first the results did not last. I found that I couldn’t sustain long term plan that included constant calorie, food restrictions or rigorous training.

So this year I am doing something different. Instead of losing weight the focus will be on building long term healthy lifestyle habits. And if a few pounds come off along the way – that’s a bonus!

I’ll be sharing with you my simple meal plans and weekly workouts in the weeks to come. In the meantime, here are a few health and fitness hacks to help kick off 2018.

Train for 5K

health and fitness 2018

Ok so maybe you are not ready to think of a 5K and you want to start with jogging or a regular brisk walk. That’s totally fine! On the other hand, you may find that having a goal such as a 5K will keep you motivated to hit the pavement more often. Whatever you decide, schedule the time on your calendar and set phone reminders. Then stick to your plan.

If you are new to running, consider loading an app on your phone to track your progress. That’s what I did when I first got into running and it was a game changer. Read all the details about my favorite tracking app and other tips here:

Running 101: Beginner’s Guide to Running

How I Started Running Again

Best thing about running is that unlike gyms and studios it requires no financial investment on your part. Just a pair of running shoes! I can hardly think of a more budget friendly exercise option 🙂

Try a New Studio Class

arizona fitness studio

Perhaps, you already have a gym membership or established a nice home fitness routine, but the motivation to workout is not there. It may help to bring variety into your fitness life and try something new. Have you been eyeing that fancy gym for a while? Go for it in 2018!

If you’ve always wanted to try a Barre or SoulCycle class now is the time. My favorite local studios outside the gym are Session Yoga and Orangetheory Fitness. You may read more about what to expect at Orangetheory Fitness here:

Orangetheory Fitness: Who it’s for + Why it Works

Commit to Eating More Fruit + Vegetables

whole30 gluten free paleo

It’s that simple! Perhaps you are not ready to commit to a new diet because your life is so busy right now but you still want to eat well. Focus on introducing more fruit and veggies into your diet! Be mindful about it for a few weeks and pretty soon eating more fruit and veggies will become a healthy habit.

Seek out recipes that have vegetables as ingredients, load up on salads and eat fruit for a snack. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Garlic roasted vegetables pasta

Herbed Turkey Loaf

One-Pot Healthy 25 Minute Turkey Chili

Sweet potato Shepherd’s Pie that’s good for you (Whole30 + gluten free)

Healthy chicken salad that will rock your world (gluten free + paleo)

Whole30 Chicken Primavera

Introduce Yoga in Your Life

quick yoga workout

It’s pretty common to focus on the physical aspect: losing pounds, getting toned, etc. But don’t forget to take care of the emotional side as well. The less stressed you are, the more in control you become of your eating and workout habits.

One of the best things you can do after a busy Holiday season is to devote at least ten minutes a day to yoga practice and/or meditation. For those new to meditation, there are many apps available such as Simple Habit that will guide you through along with music and helpful tips. Or you can just unplug, lay flat on your back, close eyes and focus on slow breaths, permitting your thoughts to float but eventually leave your mind.

If time allows, seek out a yoga studio for weekly decompress sessions. Keep in mind that there are several types of yoga classes and they serve different purposes. Yin yoga is a slower paced more traditional style where you hold poses for 3-5 minutes. It’s best suited Type A personalities to help calm the mind. Vinyasa flow can be more of a toning workout depending on your teacher, but it’s also includes Shavasana relaxation pose at the end where you can relax and meditate.

So tell me what healthy habits you plan to work on in 2018? Any New Year Resolutions? What helps you stay accountable?

Hope you found these fitness hacks helpful! Make sure to Subscribe to my bi-weekly emails to receive all the latest meal plans and workout ideas. Happy New Year to you and Yours!



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