Hey lovelies! How are ya? It’s been a LONG week. I’ve been sick for a few days now, not cool. Somehow last night I felt worse. So today I’m loading up on Vitamin C and just praying kids don’t get this yucky bug.

On top of that my 2 year old is back to her habit of waking me up at night. Last night she didn’t settle till midnight, then was up again at 2:30 AM, then up again at 6. I’m begging to think she has nightmares. Any thoughts?

I’m definitely dragging today. Somehow, instead of attacking a sink full of dirty dishes I found myself saying “screw it” and starting up a bath.

A bath! It’s been years since I’ve had a bath. Moms will understand. Most of the time a hasty shower alone feels like a luxury. But today I knew I hit the wall.

Do you ever find yourself where you’ve reached the point when even caffeine doesn’t work? You run around getting kids ready for school, doing your daily chores, checking homework, making dinners, cleaning the house, ploughing through piles of laundry.

Sometimes a seemingly ungrateful but vital job of being a mom. You will not get a pat on the back for a job well done or get a raise. Most of the time you won’t find out if you did a good job until 20 years later.

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With all the endless duties and lack of sleep, you pump yourself with caffeine and wonder why you are always so tired. The wonderful Dr Carrie Jones puts it this way: if you feel exhausted, that’s your body telling you to slow down. During difficult times, your body is flushed with hormone cortisone to help you deal with stress. But you can only sustain going in the fast lane for so long.

Since most of us can’t drop everything and go on a week long vacation, inserting little breaks here and there will help you get back on your feet. That’s where I found myself today as I was pouring steamy water into a tub.

Funny thing is I actually bought Epsom salt from Sprouts a while back, when I was always sore from weigh lifting. Epson salt is amazing at helping sooth sore muscles. But it also has many other healing properties: fighting the flu, improving sleep, relieving headaches and neck tension. Read HERE about 6 reasons why you should soak in Epsom salt bath.

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So, I decided to forget about dirty dishes for 30 minutes and re-create a spa experience at home for a much needed #mombreak:

I lit up a candle and mixed half a cup of Epsom Soak into hot water. The aromas filled the bathroom.

All I had to do was soak in and close my eyes (mostly so I didn’t have to look at kids bath toys and bright sponges that invaded our tub) to transform into a luxurious spa.

I brought a book to read but didn’t get to it. It was so relaxing!

Fifteen minutes later I was out and covered myself with a few sprays of Rosewater oil I picked up at Sprouts. Man, did I feel like a fancy upscale spa goer! For a fraction of a price. Winning!

By the time I was finished and it was time to pick up my son from school I felt invigorated and refreshed, like I just left a spa.

If you ever find yourself in a hamster in a wheel mode, slow down and take a moment to treat yourself to something special. Epsom salt, aromatherapy candles and rosewater can be found in most health and drug stores for under $10 each.

Remember mamas, you’ve got to take care of yourselves so you can take care of others.

I’m off to resume mom duties and finally handle those dishes. Hope you all have a lovely day!

Would love to hear what you do to relax! 



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