Hey guys! How’s your Monday? Hope you feel recharged and ready to rock the week!

I have something exciting to share 🙂 Some of you may remember that my husband has not been in the picture for the past five months. He was serving overseas while I was home taking care of things on the homefront. Well, it’s finally over and we got our daddy and husband back!

Any military spouse knows that homecoming is the most special time, when you finally get to see and hug your loved one after months apart. This time is usually filled with overwhelming joy and huge relief that he’s home safe.

This time, we did not get the traditionally sweet homecoming pictures, with kiddos dressed up in stars and stripes and mom kissing dad while holding a flag. In fact, our reunion was far from normal.


Just a few weeks before my husband was due to return, our two year old little princess was admitted to a hospital. Following a series of fever spikes without other symptoms, her blood work came back with alarming results. Doctors decided to rule out a few scary things.

It was a whirlwind of events… but in the midst of it all Red Cross was able to put my husband on a flight back home. We could not be more grateful for this opportunity!

Maria and I were still at the hospital dealing with tests and procedures, unsure of how bad things were going to turn out, but knowing that he was on his way home was such a huge relief. Eventually we were allowed to go home and referred to a specialist.

I picked up Husband from our local airport in the middle of the night, kids asleep at home.

The expressions on their faces when they saw daddy was home the next morning threw me into tears. In an overwhelming wave of emotion, it dawned on me that it was finally over and he was back.

I felt like I broke loose of the metal armor that was holding me together all these months. He is here. He is home. He is safe. My heart was filled with so much joy and gratitude that our little family was finally reunited.

post deployment

We celebrated with a dinner out and Cashew Cow ice cream (a.k.a. my new fav dessert spot, their ice cream is delicious, completely diary free and made locally with cashew milk).

The next few days were filled with hugs, kisses, stories and laughter. It amazes me how quickly Husband plugged into our family calendar after his deployment.

We participated in our first family race (Dmitri recently took interest in running) at Buckelew Farms. This hot guy rocked the 5K like a boss. That’s after running a 1 mile Fun Run with Dmitri and I. No big deal. I felt so proud of my boys <3

post deployment

He also volunteered to coach Dmitri’s soccer team this year and jumped right in during a weekend game. I was counting my blessings as I was sitting on the sidelines and watching him train little kids. Talking about falling in love with your husband all over again. He was quite easy on the eyes too 🙂

post deployment

I also knew how much it meant for Dmitri that Husband was involved in his sport. My heart was melting in all directions that day!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t give Husband enough credit. Coming from deployment where you’re locked in a mini prison of four walls and a bunch of dudes for five months back to normal life is rough. But man, my handsome guy is so mentally tough! He was right there with his family taking care of kids, running a race and coaching soccer.

Fellow military spouses know that reintegration is a process. It’s like learning to live together again. After months apart, you’ve adopted your own little routines. You’ve been the captain of the ship. You were running the show. It may be challenging to let go of the reigns, but this time I was happy to put Husband right back on his Boss seat at the table 🙂

post deployment

We felt very lucky that Husband’s parents were able to fly in on a short notice and spend time with us. Having them around was the best! They also graciously agreed to watch the kids for a few days, while Husband and I took off on a mini getaway sans kids.

post deployment

A few days alone to reconnect and relax at a local resort was just what the doctor ordered. We both agreed that we really needed it. Although we missed our kiddos like crazy and couldn’t stop talking about them, this time together was extra special and brought me back to our early days. Did I mention how much I love this guy?

I’ll be sharing more pics from our little getaway and talking about our new favorite resort soon. In the meanwhile, we’re working on getting back to pre-deployment normal and husband is catching up on football. The house just wasn’t the same without him cheering for his favorite team!

So tell me, do you get a chance to get away without kids? What are your favorite weekend getaway spots with your significant other?

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!



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