Now that we’re well into November, let’s talk about doing a 5K race as a family! Is that something you’ve tried or ever wanted to do? Fall traditionally opens a racing season.  Seeing all the running events pop up in your area might get you excited to give it a try.

Doing a race as a family has been on my bucket list for a while. I only recently got into running and somehow found myself enjoying it more than expected. I used to take kids along on my runs and I’d like to think it was my influence that my 8 year old showed interest in a running club at school. He’s currently working on getting to a “100 mile” club and makes his mama very proud.

So I thought it would be fun to find a race that included a kiddie version, so we can do it together as a family. It would be a great experience for Dmitri, beyond his school running track. But mostly, I’d love to make it a family tradition and teach healthy habits by example 🙂

The Great Pumpkin Race at Buckelew Farms had just what we needed!

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There was a one mile, a 5K and a 10K option. Since I didn’t have time to properly train (our two year old was briefly hospitalized right before the event), we opted to do the one miler with Dmitri.

It was freezing cold that morning! I brought our sweaters just in case, thank goodness – we needed them. Crazy to think, by noon it would be in the 90s. But that morning was cold. Which actually ended up perfect for the run!

The only things we brought to the race were hats, car keys, phones, ear buds and sunglasses (and a layer of sweaters to peel off as we went). I would normally lather in sunscreen, but I knew we weren’t going to be there longer than an hour, and it was still early enough in the morning. Our water bottles and snacks were waiting for us in the car, which was just a short minute walk away from the main area.

Once we checked in and got our bibs, it was a go time.

running, jogging

Everyone lined up at the start line and waited excitedly for a signal.

I immediately recognized an atmosphere of camaraderie and it felt so good to be here! There were people giving high fives, cheering on each other and smiling. Support groups lined up along the track and cheered on the runners. There were all age groups and body shapes, all came together that morning to try for a personal best, to flex the will muscle and to have fun.

The track took us along a farm field, and then through a corn maze. We followed Dmitri’s pace, since it was all about him on the one miler. I could tell he was shortly running out of breath. So we slowed down for a bit and picked up the pace again. He must have gotten a second wind once we got to the maze, because he was well ahead of me and out of sight.

The pace was rather comfortable, if not too slow for me. Both hubs and I held up pretty well on this short stretch.

At the finish line there were people cheering equally hard on the first and the last runner. It was such an awesome feeling to be a part of this welcoming community!

We didn’t win this one miler, but we got a cool keepsake to remind of our very first race together. So unbelievably proud of my little running buddy!

running jogging

Dmitri is already asking when we’re going to do another race. I am so glad that he had such a positive experience! As a parent, I always look back at my actions and think: “am I doing enough to expose my kids to different experiences so they can find what they are good at? to shape them in the best possible way? to lead them in the right direction?”

I think that day the answer was a big YES. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is such a big part of my life. So happy that Dmitri is starting to show interest too. Start them early, right? 🙂

After our one miler my husband decided to go ahead with the 5K. And he crushed it. Pretty proud of this guy.

running jogging

The whole experience, especially doing it together as a family, was unbelievable. There was something special about seeing your child and husband run next to you along with other people. We left the race with happy smiles, full of energy, and with a huge sense of achievement. It was barely nine in the morning and we have already accomplished something so very cool!

It’s safe to say we’re hooked and I definitely see more races in our future. The weather outside is more enticing now and I look forward to training with the fam!

When we go on the runs, I would usually stash my keys and phone in the stroller’s folded cap and literally pray that they don’t fall out. Guys that’s no fun!

So I’ve been looking around Etsy and found this awesome running belt from CoserYcantarBCN. It’s designed for running, travelling, hiking, cycling etc and you can stash your important items including a phone in it. I seriously think it’s going to make things so much easier on our runs now!

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So tell me have you ever done a race alone or with your family? How was your experience?

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!




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