Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope it was nice and relaxing and you’re ready to rock the new week.

Here is a fun fact for my non local friends. Tucson schools do not observe the President’s Day. Instead they close for a four day weekend the last week of February for the Rodeo Days. What can I say? Rodeo is HUGE here!

Funny but for the first three years after we moved here, I kept forgetting that the President’s Day is a school day. It became kind of a tradition to receive a phone call from my son’s school with a “Is Dmitri coming to school today?” question on Monday. The staff assured me I was not the only parent who spaced out haha! But this year I finally got it straight. Dmitri dutifully attended school on President’s Day and then we enjoyed the long four day weekend.

My husband picked up a new basketball for Dmitri and almost every day we hit the local court.

fit in progress family

“Mom, catch!”

It was so fun to watch the boys shoot hoops and get all competitive, while Maria and I practiced racing across the court. It’s amazing how fast she can run. I legitimately had to do my best to keep up.

She also did “exercise”.

Fit in progress family

She knew my entire routine from downward dogs and planks to mountain climbers and burpees. Benefits of working out at home!

fit in progress

Also, when did Dmitri get so tall? I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that he’s not a baby anymore. Although he still lets me hugs him. My sweet boy.

Friday morning we had a “pancake play date” with my good friend and her two boys who are Dmitri’s age. I made pancakes and prepped fruit and toppings for our guests:

fit in progress family

The boys jumped their little hearts out on the trampoline. Along with Maria. The cutest thing was watching my toddler play along with the big boys, like she’s one of them. I could tell she totally loved it.

On the workout front, I managed to squeeze in a few amazing sweat sessions at the gym. There was a lot going on for our little family recently (I’ll be sharing the big news soon), and workouts were not a priority. So it felt good to get back into a swing of things.

The gym’s daycare is pretty amazing, and my kiddos tagged along a few times. As you can tell, Maria was mesmerized by all the “giant machines” HAHA!

fit in progress family

By the way, the fact that I’m getting back into running is totally owed to the local gym’s theater room and their movie selection. One day they played Sweet Home Alabama. I mean, that’s one of the few movies I can watch on repeat. Two miles on a treadmill later and I could probably go more! I finished the workout strong with a #legday: lots of weighted walking squats, lunges and dead-lifts.

The next day my legs were so sore, I could barely walk. I did lots of stretching and foam rolling which seemed to help. To give my legs a break, I did ARMS & ABS workout by @leeannefitness who is a Canadian fitness instrucor. If you are on Instagram, you can follow her and try her workout videos. So far I’m a huge fan!

Oh, and we finally had a date night!

fit in progress date night

We absolutely love Sushi Garden here in Tucson. It’s a little fancier than most sushi spots, so it’s easy to make a date night out of a meal here. The fish is always fresh and servings are pretty generous. I decided to go with salmon sashimi and salmon roe nigiri – I’m a total salmon addict haha! – while husband did the manly thing and ordered All You Can Eat.

fit in progress date night

We also planned to see Game Night after dinner, but all the tickets were sold out. So instead of rushing to the theater, we enjoyed our dinner and a rare opportunity to spend alone time together.

The four day weekend felt like a mini vacay, but I was ready to get back to the routine. I indulged a little more that usual (just can’t say no to green tea ice cream after sushi!). Mondays always give me extra motivation to start fresh. So my goal for the week is to focus on meal planning, portion control and eliminating processed sugars for a while.

What was the high light of your weekend? Have you seen Game Night? Is it worth it watching in the movie theater?



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