Hi there!  How’s your week going so far? It’s blazing hot here in Arizona (talking about flights being canceled kind of hot).  Playing in the backyard or at a playground with the little one is out of question, because I start to feel like a rotisserie chicken 🙂 So we are pretty much limited to indoors activities for a while until the monsoon season brings a much needed relief.

Please pray that this mama has enough toys, books and imagination to keep her toddler entertained.  Otherwise, I see a trip to Target in our future.  Anyone else escapes to Target during extreme weather conditions?? 🙂 I mean, they have Starbucks.

One thing that has helped me get through this time is reminiscing on our vacation a couple of weeks ago…. As you may have read about our adventures in Flying With a Toddler Alone post, the little lady and I visited my husband’s family in South Carolina. He was away for work and our 7 year old was visiting family in California, so the two of us girls made a trip alone.  It was a little strange not having the boys with us but we did the most of it. My in laws are pretty much everything a girl could wish for and we have a warm and close relationship. So this little getaway ended up being fun and relaxing.

Pic photobombed by Bon Bon peaking through the mesh door 🙂 My in laws have had this dog for over 7 years now, and there is nothing you can do to it to make it mad.  If anything, it’ll lick you to death.

We also made it to the beach for a few days! AHHHH!!! As someone who lived in California for a few years, I have to say South Carolina’s beaches have won my heart. Beautiful white sand, shallow water… It’s basically an ideal vacation spot for families with kids!  Myrtle Beach just 40 minutes up north offers more of a touristy feel, but Pawley’s Island has more of a relaxed and slow pace.

It was fun to see the little Miss experience new things.  Born and raised in the dessert of Arizona, she had her eyes wide open the entire time soaking in all the beauty of the South, the magnificent trees, beautoful Magnolia flowers, the sand and the waves, little turtles in the pond, and – oh yes! – alligators.

This little dude was chilling in the water next to a restaurant and a shopping center, like it’s a no big deal. My sister in law said it was a decent size alligator.  Definitely the biggest one I’ve seen live in the open!

I am so grateful that one of the days our cousin took us on boat ride while Grandparents watched the little peanut. It was such an amazing and relaxing experience! It’s like I saw a different side of Pawley’s Island.  We cruised up and down the river and saw the old Plantation. My sister in law was especially proud of me for taking a dip in the water where it was “allegedly safe” from alligators. You’d never see me jump out of the water that fast 🙂


In the midst of it all, I was pretty happy that I managed to stick to my plan – exercise at least every other day. I am a firm believer in balance. It was important for me to get a workout in, because I always feel better afterwards. But I also wanted to enjoy the vacation. So I felt like not stressing over a missed day was quite justifiable 🙂

On the days that I did workout there was always something new and fun planned!  There were trips to local fitness studios and running on the beach. Can’t wait to tell you more about it in my next post. This workout below was incredible!!! My amazing sis [in law] invited me over to her favorite studio, and we had a blast sweating to a barre class.

barre class


Meanwhile my little peanut was happy as a clam on the beach. I loved watching her play with water and sand, touching things, pouring ocean water, learning how it all works, engaging her senses. Funny, but I felt like her development and maturity levels just sprung over the course of this vacation! Must be all the new experiences giving her a little boost.

As a child, I spent every summer on the beach. My sweetest childhood memories are from those trips.  It was such a pleasure seeing my little one enjoying these things too. She ended up being quite a beach girl!  A natural 🙂

Swim suite is from Gymboree, Minnie Mouse hat is complements of Mimi 🙂 

Splashing with Mimi in the waves.

I made a pretty interesting observation watching these two.  As much as Maria loved the waves she was so cautious in the water!  It took her 2 days to feel comfortable stepping in the ocean knee deep by herself. On the opposite, last time he was here my 7 year old boy would just run in and have the time of his life until someone had to call him out that he was too far. Such different personalities!

staying fit on vacation

This girls getaway was a perfect mix of fun and relaxing with lots of quality family time, and I am so incredibly grateful for this invitation to visit from my mother-in-law and father-in-law. They made us feel to welcome and at home, we did not want to leave.

All good things eventually come to an end, and it was time to go back to Arizona. See you soon, South Carolina! Hopefully with our boys this time.

Do you have any vacation planned for this summer? Any fun weekend getaways?

Have a great day!



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