Hey friends! How is your week going? Did you have a fun Super Bowl weekend? Ours was intense. My husband watched his home team win the Super Bowl for the first time, and I ugly cried into a pillow to the latest episode of This is Us.

On Sunday morning we brought out the lucky gear, crossed our fingers and set out to watch the biggest sporting event in Philadelphia history:

fit in progress

For the occasion, I set up the football themed decor and set the table. It ended up being a good mix of traditional game day snacks and some healthier options.


Besides the hot wings and jalapeno stuffers, there was Skinny Taco Dip from Skinny Taste (my husband loves it, and the fact that it’s somewhat less fattening LOL), shrimp with cocktail sauce, sliced fruit and baked veggy bites I found in a frozen section at Costco.

I was not allowed to forget to make these guys… My husband lives for them!

This week so far has been productive. With all the sickness gone, I was able to resume my usual workouts and O.M.G. my body feels like it’s been dormant for YEARS. After two days of cardio strength training and a day of hot yoga, I’m so sore!

Today I’m taking it easy and letting the muscles heal and tomorrow is a run day.

After my workouts I’ve been enjoying a tasty and fulfilling yogurt bowl. I like to add grain-free granola and a bunch of fruit for an extra boost of anti-oxidants and healthy fats. The other morning I served it to my kiddos for breakfast (did you see the cute video with my little sleepy helper on my Instastories?) .

fit in progress

To my surprise they ate it up and gave me two thumbs up!! In all fairness, I had to spoon feed my picky 3 year old. Meal times are challenging for us, because she takes two spoons on her own and then she’s walks away from the table. This little Miss is so active and curious, she just doesn’t want to miss anything! More often than not I end up sitting next to her and spoon feeding her. How wrong is that?!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the FIXATE Cookbook Giveaway! Huge congrats to the winner: romeoXXX@gmail.com  (I’ll be sending you an email later today to get your prize on the way).

What do you have planned this weekend? I’d love to hear! I’m excited about husband coming back from his work trip this week and about the OLYMPIC GAMES!! You guys, Winter Olympics are my favorite! For a moment I forget that we live in the desert of Arizona and get transformed to the snowy slopes of South Korea.

My ultimate dream is to watch the Games live one day. Maybe when the kids are in college ha!

Have a lovely weekend!



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