Hey friends!  How’s your weekend going? Are you doing anything special? On Friday we had a movie night and laughed our bellies out to Boss Baby. Have you seen it? Hilarious!

My son had set up a first class pillow theater for us:

He basically dismantled another couch, but who cares? I had the most comfortable seat 🙂

On Saturday we ventured out to a Cub Scouts store to pick up some gear for Dmitri, had a fun little play date with the neighbors and squeezed in a quick haircut. Overall, it was a nice day considering that both of my lovely children took turns waking me every hour up last night. My body must be used to operating on very little sleep. But I still –>> I very much like my sleeeeep!..

Admittedly, the hardest part of this deployment has been the lack of sleep. I can manage the household, take care of the kids, run errands and all while my husband is away for several months. But when you’re sleep deprived, the usual mundane tasks require a tremendous effort. Makes me really wish my partner is crime was here.

The thing is my 2.5 year old daughter still will not sleep through the night. YUP still! Lucky meeee… We have nice streaks when Maria  sleeps “all the way” to 6 A.M. Those are the good days.

Last week poor thing was sick with fever and congestion:

We stayed up in the middle of the night watching cartoons, waiting for the meds to kick in and fever to go down (she had an episode of fever induced seizures one time – scariest thing ever! – so I am always very mindful of her fevers)

After she got better, the nightly waking up trend sadly continued. She would cry and cry in the middle of the night until I get her. I tried to break the habit by ignoring. She started to come to my bedroom and cry there until I got her. This pattern would repeat a few times a night last week.

A few times I caved in and gave her a little cup of milk. She would settle down. But I know it’s a bad habit, so we try to avoid as much as possible.

But seriously guys, this is worse than the infant days! Back then she woke up at night just as much but at least she slept a lot during the day so I could rest too.

I am truly at my wit’s end with my 2.5 year old. Does anyone else struggle with light sleepers? If you have any ideas, please comment below. At this point, I am ready to try just about anything.

When she was sick she wanted to be held all the time. I love my baby snuggles especially, since she is so independent and rarely gives away hugs. But holding and carrying around a 30 lbs koala bear while trying to cook, clean, etc eventually triggered a sore spot on my shoulder and brought lower back pains.

The time that I was not carrying her around and running errands last week was spent like this:

fit in progress

I learned this pose during a Yin Yoga class. It provides a fantastic relief for a lower back pain. All you need is a foam brick or a firmly rolled towel. Place it right under your lower back and relax for a few minutes taking slow deep breath. You can also raise your legs in a vertical position. That helps reverse the blood flow and improves circulation. I am so thankful that this simple exercise was able to relieve my lower back pain!

After too few hours of sleep a night, cooking seemed just too much to handle. So we ended up cleaning out the freezer leftovers (thank goodness for those!). I also tried to keep up nutrition up with protein shakes.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different brands to see if I can find a good fit. As much as I love Shakeology, the price tag started to be too much.

So far Vega One and SunWarrior are my favorite. Both are organic plant-based protein shakes, but Vega also has added nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals.

fir in progress

What protein formulas have you tried and liked? Do share! I am always on the lookout for good options!

Needless to say with all the nightly adventures I was only able to manage one gym trip last week. Looking forward to turning the tide soon. I miss my sweat sessions!

Please do share if you struggle with toddler sleep issues and how you manage. I’d love any tips!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!



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