Hi friends! How is your week going?  We made it back home after a fun little staycation at Lowes Ventana Resort here in town. Mimi was in town and she graciously offered to watch the kids.  This is not something we get to do often, and we definitely looked forward to this special time together.








We checked in at the resort just in time to enjoy the famous Tucson sunset from our balcony. Romantic doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Although we definitely missed our kids, it was nice to get a break from a usual routine, unwind a little and enjoy just the two of us.








The hotel room was so lovely with a modern twist yet elegant and classy. There was plenty of space and I can’t not mention a magnificent 2-person bath tub that was just waiting to be filled with bubbles… For coffee lovers (raised hand) there was a nice collection of coffee and a Keurig machine.  I immediately knew the morning will be a happy one 🙂








After settling down, we decided to find a little spot for some appetizers, since our dinner reservation was not till 8:30 pm. Not familiar with the hotel and restaurants on site, we ended up doing quite a bit of walking around and ended up at Flying V Bar & Grill. We sat at a bar and munched on jalapeno cord bread and carne asada quesadilla (I know, living on the wild side, right?) and later set off to find our restaurant for dinner.  Good 20 minutes and many laughs later, we realized that Flying V in fact WAS the place we made reservations! We enjoyed another round of corn bread service, ahi tuna (for me) and bbq ribs (for my husband). It was a fun and relaxing evening!

The next morning we slept in big time!  And by that I mean I slept past 8 am. Not having to wake up to an alarm is one of the best feelings in the world, my friends. After a casual breakfast we took a leisurely walk exploring local trails. The resort prides itself in keeping the nature intact and building around natural waterfalls and saguaro cacti.








That also means you may come face to face with nature quite literally:








We made it back to hotel and spend the rest of our stay enjoying warm temps, a hot tub and the sun.  You really can’t beat the local weather in the middle of February!








(Checking on our littles after breakfast)

This Valentine’s was definitely a lot more low key compared to our pre-kids era. But it was so fun and relaxing which is all we really wanted! On our drive back home we talked about kids and how excited we were to hug them!  It made me think about this. As parents, we often get caught up a daily routine of caring for the kids and doing chores. Keeping romance alive may be the last thing on your mind when a baby is screaming in the middle of the night. But it’s undoubtedly a secret sauce in a healthy marriage.  Breaking a routine to spend time with your spouse can feel so refreshing!  Don’t forget how important your relationship is.  Who cares if you have a load of dirty dishes? 🙂

How about you my friends?  Do you do staycations?  What are your favorite date night ideas?

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