If you read my blog you remember that for the past few months I’ve been hinting at the *big news* for our family. And no, it’s not a baby 🙂 We are moving to Las Vegas!

My Air Force husband received orders to relocate, and for the past few months we’ve been working on getting everything ready. It was the hardest to keep this news from you all, but I wanted to make sure everything was solid before I spilled the beans 🙂

Those of you who are familiar with the military lifestyle know that it’s common for our service members and their families to relocate a few times throughout their career. So we knew the move was coming at some point.  Ultimately, we feel very lucky to receive orders to Las Vegas. We’ve lived there before and have family there, so it’s almost like coming back home.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas

Yet, it’s bittersweet. Tucson has been good to us. We’ve developed strong bonds with local friends (our military friends we were close with have already moved). People in Tucson in general are very kind and sweet, I will miss this small town feel.

I will also miss our favorite spots like Ventana Canyon, Baggin’s and First Watch. I will miss the monsoon season and the gorgeous landscape with magnificent saguaros. It’s a very unique piece of the Sonoran dessert  here, and I feel fortunate to have experienced it.

I’m also going to miss our house. It was our first home we lived in as a family, it’s where our son developed form a cute little preschooler into an independent smart boy, and it’s where our daughter was born. After 5 years, these walls hold so many special memories… All this time I was very practical about the move, but it finally hit me the other day when I started packing. I didn’t expect to get that emotional over leaving this house.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Bellagio Botanical Gardens update decorations based on the season 

Funny thing is I’m completely unexcited about the usual Vegas scene. I’ve done my fair share of shows and walking on the Strip when I first moved there. At the same time, I’m not going to lie – it will be fun to have all the best restaurants and unique entertainment available for an occasional date night (maybe we’ll finally start having date nights again? ha!).

BLAST FROM THE PAST: celebrating 2xxth birthday at Bellagio

I’m excited however about the terrific new 3 story children’s museum, 2 water parks, fun indoor playrooms and playgrounds with ziplines (all have opened in the last 5 years). Las Vegas scene has changed quite a bit since the first time I lived there. It’s definitely a lot more family friendly now. I’m also looking forward to going back to Red Rock and Mount Charleston with the fam!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Exploring Mount Charleston with my little bub <3

Once I found out we were moving to Las Vegas, I started scouting schools and neighborhoods in the area. I knew that we’d never find the school equivalent to the one Dmitri attends now in Tucson, unless we want to go private. Fortunately, there are neighborhoods that are very family friendly – Henderson and Summerlin – and their schools traditionally rank high.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: pretending like I know what I’m doing at Red Rock 🙂

As military life would have it, my husband has already moved to Las Vegas a few months ago. The kids and I will be joining him as soon as school is over in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve been going through ALL our *stuff* (<— there’s so much you find once you start packing!!). All the projects I’ve been putting off, I’m now forced to deal with: sorting, filing, organizing, donating, cleaning up.

If you have any tips on prepping for a move and organizing everything, please do share! This is our first BIG move as a family of four, and I feel like it’s easy to forget something (already dreading allll the address changes).

Hope you have a great start to your week!



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