Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you enjoyed a short work week. It’s still hot here in Arizona, so we are basically sprinting between the house, the gym and the pool. I’m actually enjoying the routine after a fun and eventful July 4th weekend. It wasn’t anything like we’d normally have, no grilling this year because our main man was out of town for work. But it ended up being a nice mix of fun adventures, travels, and birthday celebrations.

The fun began on Friday when my best friend flew in from California.  She is my sister from another mister and I couldn’t be happier to spend a few days with her. We had lots to talk about: especially her upcoming wedding. So I booked a babysitter and we headed downtown for a dinner and cocktail 🙂

We called it a night pretty early to make it to the gym the next morning, but mostly because I knew my toddler would be up at 5 am again #momproblems.

My friend is even a bigger health nut than me HAHA! We enjoyed talking about all the books we’ve read (we both own Kimberly Snyder’s series), chatting about juicing, Whole30 and coconut oil, sharing fitness tips and getting inspired to lead a healthier life.

After a quality gym session the next morning, we stopped by the store and got the essentials. You can tell two fit chicks were shopping because our cart was full of veggies and kombucha 🙂

fit in progress

When we got home she made me the most delicious fresh juice I’ve ever tried! There were kale, spinach, carrots, beets, celery, pears, green apples, lemon, strawberries and ginger.

I was so excited to put my Breville juicer to work!!  It was my wedding gift years ago, and I used to make juices regularly. But with the second child, the hassle of prepping veggies and cleaning the machine became too much during the time when I didn’t always have time for essentials (like washing hair, gross I know). But now the beast is out of the closet (and Maria is older) so I am excited to use it again!

fit in progress

Friends who juice together, stay together

We spend the day chatting about the wedding and playing with Maria. On Sunday we drove to Phoenix and enjoyed a few hours at my favorite place: Kierland Commons Shops in Scottsdale. One day I want to move here, I’m definitely a city girl.

fit in progress

There is an amazing splash pad for kids, and this time mommy was prepared with a swim suite and a towel unlike THIS TIME :).  My little one played while we enjoyed a relaxing morning. It was perfect.

fit in progress

The highlight of the visit was lunch at True Food Kitchen and this freshly squeezed green juice (kale, spinach, green apple, celery, lemon and ginger):

fit in progress

I am a huge fan of True Food and on several occasions I seriously considered enduring a 2 hour drive just to come here for lunch. It’s so worth it.

After lunch we headed to the airport to drop off my friend for her flight back home and to pick up Big Bah (as Maria calls her Big Brother). He visited family for the summer, and while we know he had a blast we missed him terribly. This little one was on pins and needs all day and even in her young age she understood that her favorite little person was coming back home.

Next morning we celebrated my son’s birthday with a traditional breakfast birthday candle 🙂  Maria was so impressed!

The rest of the day was spent at Phoenix Legoland which ended up being way better than I expected with multiple activity options for all age groups. Anyone with elementary aged boys knows this was a dream come true.

Maria had her share of fun.  Playing with a football stadium here, Daddy would be proud 🙂

fit in progress

In the evening we hit the pool at Double Tree Resort in Scottsdale.  Most of the big pool was no deeper than 3’9 ft and the little kiddie pool was perfect for my toddler. I really can’t recommend this place enough to families with kids.  The price was also *very* reasonable. We’ll definitely be back.

Wearing his patriotic swim trunks from GAP for America’s birthday 🙂

It was such a blast we did not want to leave and ended up staying another day to enjoy the pool some more.

What happens when you ask your kids to pose for a photo but they don’t want to:

We made it home just in time for the neighborhood street party and the fireworks.  Maria was so wiped out that she slept right through the cannon ball sounds of fireworks being lunched feet away haha!

Of course, we missed grilling and hanging out with our main guy this July 4th, it just wasn’t the same without him.  But I was happy to be able to make the most out of this weekend for the kids.

As a military family, you learn to adjust and be flexible, to appreciate the time together when you can. Lots of sacrifices are made but we are so proud of my husband and his service. We might not have enjoyed this July 4th together like other families, but we are always in each other’s hearts.

Thanks for reading about our Holiday weekend!  Hope yours was nice too and you made some amazing memories.



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