How’s your weekend going my friends? We enjoyed sleeping in a little this morning, thanks to my mom who took care of the little one a.k.a. The Early Bird. So it wasn’t until 10 am that I got to go for a run (Week 6 of Couch to 5K complete!!!) and quickly realized…  It’s getting hot here in So AZ!!! I was panting and sweating and swearing to never do this again.  Total newbie fail. I guess it’s about time to move the runs to early mornings. I’ll be asking my friends Beth for inspiration and help with that.

5k training

Post run shenanigans with my little 🙂

Does anyone else come up with neat ideas during exercise? 🙂 Must be something about the oxygen flow to the brain.  Nurse friends, help me out on this one.  So today, as I was running and thinking that I needed to talk to a friend about her early morning workouts, a new feature post idea was emerged. I thought it would be fun to invite other moms to share their fitness and daily routine in a weekly “A Day In the Life of…” feature on this blog. I love to read about what others do to stay fit and eat well and I’d be totally inspired to take on their good habits!! How about you?

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In the recipes department, this Easy BBQ Meatloaf from Peanut Butter Fingers is on the meal plan for next week. We are not huge meatloaf fans in this family but I am convinced it’s because we haven’t found the right recipe yet.  This healthy version has all the right ingredients that are calling my name 🙂

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This week I came across Nutpods, which is a diary free and gluten free coffee creamer.  As a total healthy foods junkie, I was immediately intrigued by the Whole30 Approved label on the package. Our local stores do not carry it but who cares when you got Amazon Prime? 🙂 My package was delivered in 2 days and I couldn’t wait for the next morning (I only drink coffee in the a.m. unless it’s a particularly demanding day).  The verdict? -> it was delicious!  There are several flavors to choose from such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut and non flavored options. Besides the cool cool name, this creamer has a velvety rich consistency to satisfy any coffee connoisseur.

Would I use Nutpods again? Still not sure – I love my Almond milk in a hot cup of coffee. BUT I definitely plan to keep a stash of ‘pods for travel 🙂 You really can’t beat the convenience of the tiny packs on the road! Here is the link if you want to order Nutpods. Also make sure to try the Nutpods Irish Cream in honor of the upcoming St Patrick’s Day! Here is a recipe from the their website.

What are your favorite coffee creamers, my friends? Anyone drinks their coffee black?



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