Happy Monday my friends!  Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend!  It’s still blazing hot in Arizona and my hopes for a cool down are melting away. The biggest challnge with the heat is what to do with kids on the weekend.  So we’ve been getting creative HAHA.

Saturday morning started with pretty fancy Dark Chocolate Kodiak pancakes (with added protein).  I am so happy to have found something that both my kids and I enjoy in the morning.  My husband is the breakfast chef at the house and makes amazing eggs, but when he is away I tend to stick with peanut butter toast and hot cereal. So this was a bit of an upgrade from the usual stuff. Red, white and blue plate in honor of the approaching July 4th.  The little one had a smaller size of the same plate + milk.

Properly fueled and athletically dressed, we went on our usual morning routine: mommy’s gym then Maria’s gym. Ever since the heat hit Arizona, I’ve been missing my morning runs so I finally caved in and signed up for a local gym. It has a pretty fancy movie theater type room with treadmills and I already watched a few movies haha.

But the main event of the day was of course Maria’s gym – Playformance in downtown Tucson. We just can’t get enough of this place!  My son took parkour classes there –  think obstacle course type training aka American Ninja but for kids – and Maria had to wait on the sidelines.  But now she is old enough to participate and she’s been loving it! Her first experience at the gym prompted a huge surprise, and I wrote about it HERE.

Now she is a total “gym rat” swinging on the rings, climbing on the mats and growing confidence in her body and her abilities.  I’m just so happy we found a gym that develops children’s functional strength. In today’s world when kids spend more time than ever in front of TVs, computers or iPads, they get stuck doing the same repetitive motions (or none at all).  Obstacle courses and activities offered at this gym engage different muscle groups, increase strength and agility, build confidence. This may not be the only activity I offer to my kids, but Playformance will definitely remain a great supplement to sports, swimming and ballet.


My cute little Ninja <3

Sunday morning we attended a fun little concert sponsored by Mildred and Dildred toy store at La Encantada Mall. The band was actually really good at engaging the kids and getting them to participate in clapping, singing etc. Little tots were so cute dancing and shaking their rattles to the beat.

But Maria was not buying it.  The entire time she sat on my lap and made sure to hold my hand while suspiciously staring down the band.  So I garbed the rattle toys and stuck them in her hands and we danced away on my lap. Allegedly this mom had more fun singing to The Wheels on the Bus than her toddler, but we’ll never know 🙂

By the time she warmed up to the whole idea of two funny looking dudes playing guitars, it was time to go. But even then she would not crack a smile. She’s just not into strangers haha, smart girl.

As a little cherry on top, we  had a fun girls movie night over the weekend.  It was such a blast catching up with my fellow military spouses and laughing away the stress. These girls are the family away from family, as we go through similar things on the homefront. We watched Rough Night. Have you seen it yet?  I was afraid that the previews gave away all the funny moments.  Fear not.  While I didn’t necessarily agree with some of the concepts in the movie, it was definitely hilarious!

How was your weekend my friends?  Have you seen any good movies lately?  Hope you week is off to a good start. I am running some errands, then hitting the gym and pool with the little one.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the Giveaway winner!




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