Happy Monday my friends! Hope your week is starting off great! We are in a cleaning/unpacking mode after a fun little girls weekend trip to Phoenix. Husband kindly agreed to watch our little one, so mom and I could get some quality time together before picking up my son from California. We had a blast!!! My mom and I are very close, and we always laugh our tails off when we are together 🙂 While we enjoyed each other’s company on the way, there was another surprise for us…

My bestie from California was in town, and the highlight of the trip was definitely meeting her for lunch. Luckily, she was game for my favorite restaurant in Scottsdale True Food Kitchen.  It’s conveniently located in the heart of Kierland Commons Shops and was an incidental stop for me a while back.  Ever since then I was hooked!  True Food boasts an open kitchen and you can observe the culinary art making live. We chose to sit outside on the patio to enjoy the beautiful lush greenery and flowers galore that’s so rare in the dessert.

A nice variety of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian and vegan offerings on the menu is so refreshing.  Every single dish I try here is a perfection.  My go to is usually a savory Kale Salad topped with grilled salmon. This time I went for the Garden Scramble with butternut squash, brussels sprouts, smoked onion, cauliflower, swiss chard and smoked gouda.  Spicy chicken sausage on top was a nice touch! I can’t wait to re-create it at home.

My mom chose a Ancient Grains Bowl with miso glazed sweet potato, turmeric, charred onion, snow pea, grilled portobello, avocado, hemp seed and topped with grilled salmon. It tasted as good as it looked!

It was so nice to just be in the moment, chat with my best friend and moms, enjoy wonderful food and just have a good time without the usual chores and mom duties.  This got me thinking about the importance of self care. It took me a long time to realize that it’s ok to sometimes carve out time for things that I enjoy. Don’t we all need an occasional “me” time to recharge the batteries?  I know I can take much better care of my family and fill their cups if my cup is full.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant: catching up with girlfriends over coffee, making time to read a new book, etc.  I’ve decided that one of my self care goals this year is going to be a weekly yoga session at a studio. Since I mostly workout at home, this will definitely be a special treat.

After lunch we strolled through Kierland Commons. I love their seasonal decorations, and this time a playful bunny greeted us at the entrance. How cute is this?  Also, I can hardly ever resist going down this alley… See Lorna Jane store at the front?  And Athleta a few doors down?  I’m in heaven 🙂 If they had better sales, I’d be pretty content with just shopping there for the rest of my life. As for now, it’s the special occasion type of a treat.  Such as an upcoming birthday – wink wink hubs 🙂

Next day we started with a quality breakfast at First Watch. Every time I try to pick something off their “healthy” menu and every time I fail. Fortunately, food quality is amazing and there is always a green salad on the side! Eggs Benedict pictured below with aforementioned greens.

One thing I realized on this trip is that road trips (and vacations in general) are the weakest link in my health routine. I do so well at home when I can control the food coming in. It’s almost as if you can train your will power to resist temptations at home! But come vacation time and all bets are off. I turn into a snack monster on the road and my sweet tooth gets out of control. During this 2 day trip we made 2 separate stops at Yogurtland. Go ahead and judge me. Although I feel like this is not that serious of a crime because we don’t have Yogurtland in our city (or do we? I don’t want to know). Then we made a mistake of stopping by Paradise bakery for lunch and I just couldn’t say no to a cookie. It was bad…

Even the most devoted to clean eating (which I am not) get off track and give in to bad habits every once in a while.  And that’s ok. But don’t let a day or two of indulgence turn into a week or two. It’s easy to say that since you probably already gained a few pounds, what’s another ice cream going to change?  Don’t go down that slippery slope. If that happens to you over a weekend, treat it as a cheat meal then pick yourself up and start over on Monday.

As I enjoyed the cookie, I remembered that sugar can be addictive. Did you know? For someone with a sweet tooth like me, it’s a constant struggle.  For the most part, I tame the beast with healthyfied treats, like these gluten free Chocolate Muffins. But once I start giving in to processed sugars, the cravings only get stronger. There is only one way – and that is to completely eliminate sugars for a few days. I’ve done such sugar detox in the past. The first few days are the worst, but once you power through them the cravings subside. I am starting another 6 day sugar detox tomorrow. Wish me luck my friends!

What about you my friends? Do you have a sweet tooth?  How do you stay on top of your cravings?



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