Heyy guys! How is it Thursday already? Last weekend’s trip to CA totally kicked me out usual routine. Monday was the recovery day a.k.a cleaning the house, grocery shopping and catching up on quality time with my little munchkins.  As much as I loved spending a few days with my girlfriends, I missed the kids like crazy. A side effect of spending a weekend away from your lovely children is that it recharges your parenting batteries.  I have been the most patient mom in the world since coming back and not even the 40 minute toddler tantrums could ruin it for me:)

Tuesday I managed to catch up on other important things, such as quality workouts. After browsing On Demand on my iPad for inspiration, I went with 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo.  It’s packed with explosive movements, such as lunge jumps, along with dumbells. So you reap the benefits of both the dynamic plyometrics training and strength exercise.  It was the best 30 minutes of sweat and heart pumping!

plyometrics training

Needless to say, by Wednesday I was in Sore Country. Telling ya, there are no better ways to shape up your behind than alternating lunge jumps and squats. Let’s just say it was challenging to sit down. Or get up. Or move period 🙂

While I don’t like to skip workouts, I am also a firm believer in listening to your body. I felt like there would hardly be much benefit to torturing those poor sore muscles any further. So I decided to give it a break. On a day like this a nice yoga practice is all your body needs to stretch and release the tension. Chasing around a wrangling 2 very active kiddos totally counts too 🙂

By the way, I am wearing my new favorite tank from BasicB Brand here. The company sent me a few tanks to test out and I am loving their soft feel and flattering fit. They offer just enough coverage to be comfortable while working out but also open enough to showcase your assets – ripped shoulders! 🙂

The tanks would look really cute for running errands too.  Pair them with leggings for a casual fit mom look. I’ve been kind of obsessed with this tank lately:

Friends, if you are still shopping for Mother’s Day look no further! These workout tanks will be a lovely gift for your fit mom. There are some funny ones and some are truly inspiring. The company runs all kinds of amazing specials, so stay tuned.

Today I have a busy day prepping and grocery shopping for a fun barbecue with friends we have this weekend, so the plan is to squeeze in a 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio session in between the errands. Leg day is one of my favorite workouts in the program, but I still feel too sore to consider those killer squats with dumbbells.

I also have a few exciting things planned for the rest of the week in the exercise department. I am really looking forward to going back to Barre3 sometime this weekend. Our local studio is so lovely, and instructors will push you till you feel the burrrrrn 🙂  I signed up with a 3 class package for new customers, and I have 2 more classes to decide if it’s worth the drive.

Hot yoga has been on my mind too since I woke up sore this morning. So a trip to Session Yoga is definitely in the works this week. It’s probably one of the best studios I’ve ever been to, but you definitely have to know the basics. An instructor narrates rather than demonstrates the moves, and I had to throw a few weird peeks over my shoulder to see what my more experienced yoga pals were doing. Nevertheless, each experience was glorious and I left the studio feeling renewed.

What do you have planned for the rest of the week?  Any wishes for Mother’s Day?  All I want is SLEEP 🙂 And quality time with my fam.

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