Spring is officially here!  There is something magical about this time of the year that associates with renewal and new beginnings. Brighter sunshine and warmer weather makes us want to change things up, tidy up our house and habits. This may also be the time you realize that shorts and swim suites season is coming. With major Holidays behind us it may be the time to focus on cleaning up your diet and ramping up your workouts. I am excited to share these 3 tips for spring cleaning your health and fitness with you today.

1. Change up your fitness routine

Find motivation. Spring may be a perfect time to change up your fitness routine. When you struggle to find motivation, it may be because you are stuck in a rut and a bit of novelty is all that’s needed to re-ignite your interest. If you always workout in a gym, try taking it outside.  If you are a runner, consider yoga or lifting weights. Find something different and exciting and commit to it for at least 3 weeks.

Make time. If on the other hand, you are motivated to shape up this spring but there is just no time because the endless duties of motherhood keep you away from the gym, a home based program may be the answer. Programs like 21 Day Fix and Core the Force only take 30-40 minutes a day but are extremely effective.  Also, think about all the time you’ll save not having to pack for/drive to the gym.  The flexibility of working out on your own schedule will help you stay consistent with a program. More information on home based programs here.

Conquer plateaus. What if you exercise often but hit a plateau?  There are several ways to challenge your body in a new way: up your weights, incorporate HIIT into your routine or try a new program! You may also benefit from talking to a professional coach. Fill out this application for more information on how to get a free coach.

 2. Manage stress

Get sleep. Now that the days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter, commit to get a solid 7 hours of sleep. Learn to unplug at night time, keeping phones and computers away from your bedroom.

Weekly yoga.  Spring clean your mind with meditation. Numerous studies show that yoga is an effective way to reduce stress and decrease depression. This spring, commit to a weekly yoga session at a studio or at home. The happier and healthier you will thank you 🙂

Vitamin D. Make it a habit to go outside and soak up sunshine every day.Among many other benefits, a daily doze of Vitamin D has been proven to fight depression and help with weight loss!

Spring cleaning your fitness

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3. Give your nutrition an overhaul

Go fresh. Spring can also be the time when we are nutrient deficient. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruit to get the most of naturally occurring vitamins.

Hydrate. Drinking adequate amounts of water is known to help fight fatigue and headaches. If you feel low energy, try jugging a 16 oz bottle of water. Stay away from sugary drinks and sodas, as they will cause an eventual sugar crush.

Try a new meal plan. You may want to do so for weight loss & maintenance or for health benefits. I always highly recommend Portion Fix meal plan (no calorie counting, just proper portion sizes customized to your weight + goals) and I practice 80/20 rule (follow the plan 80 percent of the time and enjoy occasional treats). Another great way to spring clean your diet is with Whole30. The idea behind it is to exclude several food groups known as common allergens and to focus on whole minimally processed foods for 30 days.  The results have been amazing ranging from weight loss to curing chronic diseases!

Portion Fix Lunch: greens, healthy fats + proteins

Well, there you go my friends.  Hope you found this helpful.  Now my last advice for you is to actually implement these tips into your life.  Pick one thing at time if that seems more managable but do follow through. Then tackle the next one!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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